Children’s Injury Attorneys in Lancaster, PA

Protecting children’s rights when negligence causes them harm

Children are part of our vulnerable population – more at risk for injuries and accidents as their brains are less developed, they act more impulsively, and have less awareness of dangerous situations. As a parent, you understand that accidents happen and kids get hurt. However, when your child suffers serious injury as a result of someone’s carelessness and negligence, that is a different story altogether.

The Lancaster attorneys at KBG Injury Law want to help. We understand what it means to see your child suffer an injury, especially one with long-term repercussions. Our legal team works to identify the person or parties responsible for your child’s injury and hold them accountable. We will pursue the financial compensation your child needs not only to recover from their injuries, but thrive in the future.

What are some examples of children’s injury claims?

Anyone who has ever taken care of a child knows, unfortunately, they can get hurt in a variety of ways. Sometimes, however, kids suffer injuries due to another person or party’s negligent actions or inactions. Children can experience serious or catastrophic injury from:

  • Car accidents. The CDC reports that, in 2019, over 91,000 children under age 13 were injured in car crashes, and 608 died. The CDC also notes that 38 percent of children who suffered fatal injuries were not wearing seat belts or child restraints. Children can also experience serious injury in school bus accidents.
  • Defective toys and products. Product manufacturers have a duty to provide consumers with safe products – especially those aimed at infants and children. When dangerous products make it to market, like furniture that tips over or toys with choking hazards, children can get hurt.
  • Dog bites. In 2020, 46 Americans died from dog bite-related injuries. Eighteen of these victims were age 18 and under. Further, family dogs inflicted 27 of these deadly attacks. Dog bites often happen to a child’s face and head, which can cause serious injury and permanent scarring.
  • Medical malpractice. Injuries from medical negligence can affect a child for the rest of their life. Whether caused through negligence during the labor and birth process or through a pediatrician’s misdiagnosis, medical professionals must be held responsible when children suffer preventable injuries.
  • Sports and school accidents. When our children are in the care of the school system, we expect them to be safe from harm. However, when coaches, trainers, or staff fail in that duty, kids can suffer sports injuries like concussions, falls, and spinal cord trauma.

The attorneys at KBG Injury Law work to determine how your child’s injuries happened, the chain of events that led to the incident, and exactly who is responsible. We want to ensure that what happened to your child never happens to another family again.

What is an “attractive nuisance”?

The Pennsylvania “attractive nuisance” doctrine works under the theory that children are attracted to danger, and property owners are responsible for protecting them. This is why children are exempt from traditional premises liability law; owners can be liable for injuries even if a child enters the property without permission. Property and home owners must take steps to protect children from hazards like swimming pools, hot tubs, climbable rocks, and similar dangers by blocking access.

Who is liable for my child’s injuries?

When our Lancaster attorneys take your case, we launch an investigation into your child’s accident to determine the accountable party or parties. Depending on the circumstances of the incident, a variety of different parties may hold liability, including the:

  • Property owner, if your child was injured by a hazard on dangerous premises.
  • Product manufacturer, if your child was injured by a defective product or toy.
  • School system, if your child suffered injury on school premises or in a school bus accident.
  • Hospital or doctor, if your child was injured due to medical malpractice.

Many claims may involve multiple defendants. The legal team at KBG Injury Law can explain the specific details of your potential case at a free consultation.

Does my child have to bring a lawsuit him/herself?

No. Typically, individuals file personal injury claims on their own behalf. However, things work differently when a minor child is involved. Pennsylvania statute provides when a minor is “a party to an action, a minor shall be represented by a guardian who shall supervise and control the conduct of the action in behalf of the minor.” The parent or guardian, along with their attorney, makes all of the important decisions on the child’s behalf during the case.

What’s the value of my child’s Lancaster injury claim?

The amount of compensation to which your child may be entitled depends on the specific circumstances of your case. However, all personal injury claims have the same determining factors in common:

  • Medical expenses, current and future. We work to ensure your child has the treatments and care they need now and, if necessary, for the rest of their life.
  • Loss of earning potential, if their injuries will prevent them from their future school, training, and career plans.
  • Pain and suffering, meant to compensate your child for their chronic pain and emotional trauma.
  • Burial expenses, in the most tragic cases of wrongful death.

Our legal team’s job is to ensure your child is fairly compensated for what they went through, as well as send a message to the party who caused them harm by holding them accountable for their actions.

How long do I have to file a children’s injury claim in Lancaster?

Although the general statute of limitations for personal injury claims in Pennsylvania is two years, this timeline differs when a child is involved. When a child under the age of 18 is injured, the statute of limitations does not begin until their 18th birthday, meaning they have until their 20th birthday to bring a personal injury claim. One of the reasons this rule, also called a “tolling statute,” is in effect is because children do not always have the skills or power to recognize or communicate their injuries. Therefore, this extension gives a minor child the time they may need.

Is there a children’s injury attorney near me?

You can find KBG Injury Law at 1776 Harrisburg Pike, right across from the LGH Health Campus in Lancaster, PA. We also maintain four locations throughout South Central Pennsylvania.

Compassionate Lancaster children’s injury lawyers

When your child is seriously injured, you want answers. The Lancaster attorneys at KBG Injury Law want to help. Cases involving children work a little bit differently than traditional personal injury claims, and it is important to work with attorneys who not only understand the process, but are compassionate to your situation. Let us take care of the difficult part of your child’s injury claim while you help them heal. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 717-848-3838 or fill out our contact form. We have offices in York, Lancaster, Gettysburg, Harrisburg, and Hanover, and serve families throughout South Central Pennsylvania.