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We take cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that if there is no monetary recovery, you owe us nothing for our services. In most cases, KBG Injury Law will advance the expenses of the case and will wait to be reimbursed until the conclusion of the case.

There is no charge for your initial consultation with a KBG Injury Law personal injury attorney. This allows you to explore your options and determine whether moving forward with your case is the best decision for you on a risk-free basis. An initial consultation is the all-important first step to getting the results you deserve.

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Personal Injury

Gloria Harden was driving to visit her mother in a nursing home when a car shot out in front of her to make a left-hand turn. Unable to avoid the car accident, Gloria and her car spun out of control across the highway. Damage was so severe that the dashboard buckled and Gloria had to be cut out of the car. She was forced into early retirement, has to wear special shoes to walk, needs customized equipment to operate a vehicle, and now relies strong sedatives to control her constant pain. Despite these problems, the insurance company handling her case was uncooperative and treated her poorly. Finally, she turned to Katherman, Briggs & Greenberg, renowned for resolving car accidents in York, Pennsylvania. One of our car accidents attorneys at our Pennsylvania office lent an ear, took charge, and helped Gloria win a fair and just settlement so she could get on with her life.

“As astute as we thought we were, without Elliot [Katherman]’s help, my husband and I would have never known how to collect funds we were entitled to but, ironically, were not made known to us by our insurance adjuster,” said Gloria. “Elliot got results.”

Gloria Harden
Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania

While on the job, Charles Schrader fell through a trap door that had been carelessly left wide open. It was a clear case of negligence, but Charles had a tough time convincing his insurance company to pay his medical expenses and back wages. He finally sought assistance from our firm and, with the help of our workers’ compensation attorneys, soon collected back wages, interest on those wages, and damages for personal injury.

“I called Elliot Katherman for help. I’m not sure what would have happened without him,” said Charles. “My insurance company was a whole lot more cooperative once Elliot took charge. The bottom line is this.not only did I have a good lawyer, I made a good friend, too.”

Charles Schrader
Shiloh, Pennsylvania

While sitting in traffic, Nancy Mullen was rear-ended by another car. The at-fault party’s insurance adjuster appeared – at least on the surface – to be very cooperative, claiming that he’d take care of everything. He began by politely asking her to sign paperwork stating that her “minor injuries” were healed. Soon, the adjuster became more forceful and called Nancy repeatedly, urging her to sign the paperwork as soon as possible. Before doing so, acting on a tip from her sister, Nancy contacted one of our experts in car accidents in York, Pennsylvania and then visited an orthopedic surgeon. It turned out that her minor injury was, in fact, an undiagnosed spinal disk injury. She said that without our help she might have been burdened with relentless medical bills and debt.

“I’m surely glad I called Jim [Greenberg],” said Nancy. “He helped me all the way through and collected insurance payments my ‘friendly’ adjuster refused to pay.”

Nancy Mullen
Red Lion, Pennsylvania

A reckless young driver ran a stop sign and slammed into the vehicle carrying Tonya Thomassy, her husband Scott, and their nine-month-old daughter Jenna. Luckily, Scott and Jenna sustained only minor injuries, but Tonya wasn’t so lucky – she was treated for contusions, abrasions, painful knee injuries, and piercing back and neck pains. Midway through an exhausting battle with the insurance company, Tonya called Katherman, Briggs & Greenberg. Dean Dominick, one of the car accidents litigators in our York, Pennsylvania office, provided legal assistance.

“Dean collected the damages that we were entitled to receive, damages that the insurance company should have paid without putting us through the mental anguish and torment with which they actually seemed to enjoy,” said Tonya. “No matter how bad it got, Dean was always there to see us through. We’re thankful we called for his help.”

Tonya Thomassy
York, Pennsylvania

Ira Klinefelter’s life changed forever in one instant when a brutal car accident left him with severe head injuries. As Ira lay in a coma, his wife and family turned to our office to help them win compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, and future care. With reconstructive surgery and extensive therapy, Ira’s condition gradually improved but still left him unable to care for himself – especially after his wife of 50 years passed away. The car accident attorneys of Katherman, Briggs & Greenberg in York, Pennsylvania fought for a fair settlement for Ira-and won.

“The opposition was not ready for such a high level of expertise and thoroughness, and the verdict, well let’s just say they should have settled out of court. They were playing in a game they couldn’t win, but didn’t realize it until it was over,” said Ira. “While my life has been changed forever, we now have no financial worries, and I am comforted knowing that my wife would have been quite pleased with her effort to retain legal service from this law firm.”

Ira Klinefelter
Fuquay-Varina, NC, formerly of Hanover, Pennsylvania

Workers’ Compensation

Anthony Feo suffered a herniated disk while on the job as an inspector, but he worked through the pain for more than six months after an MRI confirmed the injury. He got through his days with the help of daily spinal epidermal injections and exhaustive physical therapy sessions. Finally, an orthopedic surgeon recommended that Anthony undergo a disk fusion operation-for which Anthony had to miss five weeks of work for preparatory therapy sessions. However, right before the surgery, Anthony’s company’s insurance company asked him to see one of its doctors. The company doctor – without even examining Anthony – deemed Anthony’s original diagnosis inconclusive, cancelled his surgery, and released him to work. Anthony then approached Jennifer Kline, one of our workers’ compensation lawyers, for help. Jennifer battled for fair compensation while Anthony went ahead with the surgery.

“Jennifer was my salvation. She took immediate control of the situation. She stopped the company nurse from showing up at my doctor’s appointments. She collected my back wages, took care of my pile of medical bills, and got my workers’ compensation payments adjusted and delivered on schedule,” said Anthony. “My family and I are truly grateful for the help Jennifer and everyone at Katherman, Briggs & Greenberg provided throughout this entire fiasco.”

Anthony Feo
York, Pennsylvania

Immediately after he injured his back at work, William Holzer’s company told him he was no longer needed and that his workers’ compensation claim was being denied. His employer refused to pay his wages and medical bills, so William turned to one of our workers’ compensation attorneys for help.

“He stepped in and cleared up my situation, pronto. He collected my back pay and money for my medical bills,” said William. “Mr. Katherman was honest, supportive, and competent. I hope I never need him again but, if I do, I’ll call him right away.”

William Holzer
York, Pennsylvania

Insurance—Bad Faith

Kim Grafton was getting the run-around from her insurance company, which refused to pay her the money it owed her. She came to Katherman, Briggs & Greenberg for guidance and quickly learned that the insurance company was stalling in hopes of letting the statute of limitations on her case run out.

“Jim jumped in right away. He kept me posted regularly and explained everything the whole way through. He was tough with the insurance company but always took time to make sure I was OK,” said Kim. “I should have called Jim right away and, if I’m ever in another accident, I will call Jim right away.”

Kim Grafton
Felton, Pennsylvania

While commuting to work, Sarah Harrell was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer. Several of her vertebrae were crushed, and she was confined to a hospital for a month before she could be released to an intensive physical therapy program. She could no longer do many of the daily activities that she had performed before the accident, and her workers’ compensation didn’t cover all of her costs. She hoped that her automobile insurance would cover the rest. However, her company completely ignored her claim and passed her from department to department, hoping that she’d give up. Finally, Sarah enlisted John Briggs’, one of our spinal cord injury attorneys, to help her get the compensation to which she was entitled.

“John was a godsend. He filed a suit for unpaid benefits and a bad faith claim for delaying and ignoring my requests for rightful payment. It was a relief having John as my advocate. He’s conscientious, competent, and trustworthy. John kept me well-informed, and returned my calls promptly,” said Sarah. “I believe people should be held accountable for their promises. When people don’t stand by their word and contract, action must be taken. I’m glad I had John on my side when I took that action.”

Sarah Harrell

Social Security

George Mathias was experiencing difficulty in settling his Social Security Disability claim. He approached our firm for help, and Dean Dominick helped him get a decision within two weeks-six weeks less than it takes most claims to be resolved.

“During this time, my nerves were shot and I wasn’t the most pleasant person to be around. In fact, I often got downright nasty. However, not once did anyone in the law offices treat me any other way than with respect,” said George. “They never lost their cool. I wouldn’t think twice about using Dean again and would highly recommend him and the firm to anyone!”

George Mathias
Hanover, Pennsylvania

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