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Children’s Injury Lawyers in Harrisburg, PA

Tough representation when preventable accidents harm your son or daughter

There are many unique issues involved when a child is hurt. Children, especially young children, often don’t understand the dangers of everyday life. They’re likely to run into the street to chase a ball without looking for a car. They don’t understand that dogs can bite. Children who have catastrophic or permanent injuries may live with pain and suffering for decades. Childhood injuries need to be treated differently than adult injuries because their bones and other body parts are still growing. Children often need help explaining how the accident happened, as well as their symptoms.

At KBG Injury Law, we fully appreciate the distress of learning your child was hurt in an accident. Many of our Harrisburg lawyers and staff are parents. We are skilled at representing children of all ages, from newborns to teenagers. We are often able to negotiate settlements so that your children do not have to testify in court. We help you and your child assert your rights, in the way you and your family want and need.

What types of child injury cases does your firm handle?

We represent children who are injured in any type of accident. Some accidents involve children who are with their parents, such as when a driver slams into your car when you’re driving your son or daughter to school. Other accidents involve children under the care of other adults, or children who are on their own.

Some of the many types of accidents we handle include:

  • Car accidents. Children may suffer more serious injuries because restraints and airbags don’t protect them as efficiently as adults. Pennsylvania has specific laws that govern the types of restraints that should safeguard children, depending on the age and size of the child. Teenagers are more likely to get into accidents when they drive, as they take more risks. Teenagers often cause crashes when they text while driving, use a handheld smartphone, drink or eat while driving, or just focus on their friends instead of traffic conditions.
  • Motorcycle accidents. Teenagers who are licensed need to take lessons on how to operate a motorcycle. All riders, including passengers, must wear a helmet if they are under 21.
  • Dog bites. Young children often get too close to dogs without appreciating the dangers. They don’t realize that a dog may bite if you pull on its ear too hard or just because the dog is scared. Dog bites may require surgery to treat severe wounds and any broken bones. Children may need rabies treatment, and untreated infections can cause long-term harm or death.
  • Attractive nuisances. Pennsylvania recognizes that children may be attracted to swimming pools, trampolines, or other attractions on the property of a neighbor or just while walking home from school. We file premises liability claims against the owners if a child is injured due to an attractive nuisance, even if your child was trespassing on the neighbor’s property.
  • Product defect accidents. Manufacturers have a duty to parents and children to design safe products. If a product is defective due to faulty design, poor workmanship, improper instructions, or a lack of warnings, the manufacturer can be held strictly liable or found liable for negligence. Examples of products known to be a danger to children include medications, bicycles, cribs, toys, and anything that might cause your child to choke or suffocate.

Schools, churches, and other organizations need to monitor the activities children engage in including sports and other recreational activities.

Our Harrisburg personal injury lawyers also represent children and parents if a child is abused or assaulted – including cases of sexual assault.

What types of injuries do children sustain in accidents?

Many of the injuries that children suffer are the same injuries that adults suffer. There are many critical differences. Children’s bodies are smaller, with their brains still developing. The treatments may require adjustments as the child matures.

Our Harrisburg child injury lawyers represent children who have the following types of injuries:

Some injuries are unique to children. In tragic cases, a doctor commits medical malpractice during labor and delivery. Newborns may suffer cerebral palsy, brachial plexus, Erb’s palsy, HIE, and other birth injuries that can last a lifetime. Dog bite wounds and infections are also quite common among very young children.

What are the difficulties involved with Harrisburg child injury claims?

Our experienced Harrisburg child injury lawyers fight for children. Representing children can often be more challenging than representing adults. Some of the unique challenges involved with child injury cases include:

  • Who has the right to bring the claim? Children can’t file lawsuits on their own. A parent or someone appointed to represent the interests of the child must file the claim on their behalf.
  • How is the child’s claim presented? Newborns can’t speak for themselves. Young children need the help of adults to express themselves. Older children are often frightened by the litigation process. We understand how to discuss the liability and medical parts of your claim with your child. When necessary, we work with doctors and child psychologists who are trained to help children explain what happened, along with their symptoms and pain.
  • Can a child be held responsible for their injuries? If a minor child is the claimant, there are certain principles that govern the possible contributory negligence of the child. Generally, a child under seven years old cannot be liable for his/her conduct. Children between seven and 14 are presumed not to be negligent. Children 14 and older may be contributorily negligent. For example, a 15-year-old who runs into a street and is struck by a car be partly responsible but a five-year-old who runs into the street is not.
  • How is a settlement or verdict handled in a children’s injury case? As a general rule, any insurance payments are placed in trust or made part of a structured settlement, so the medical bills can be paid and so the child can control the funds when he/she turns 18.

Normally, a Harrisburg judge needs to approve any settlements involving children. Our attorneys can explain more about this process.

Is there a Harrisburg child injury lawyer near me?

We have five offices throughout South Central PA. Our Harrisburg office is located at 717 Market Street, Lemoyne, PA, just a few blocks from the West Shore Farmers Market. We are just a short drive from downtown Harrisburg.

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