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Serious injuries, whether they occur as a result of someone’s carelessness or an on-the-job accident, cause both financial and mental stress. Everything seems to happen at once – a sudden injury, doctor visits, insurance companies pressuring you, loss of paychecks, and piles of medical bills. It is perfectly normal to feel overwhelmed and confused. The good news is that an experienced attorney can help ease the burden.

At KBG Injury Law, our Harrisburg attorneys have been serving Central Pennsylvanians for almost 40 years. We know what it takes to build a strong case after you or a loved one have suffered harm. When we take your case, you get strong and compassionate advocacy from attorneys who understand just what you have lost. We help determine the extent of your injuries and losses and work to secure the proper amount of compensation to which you are entitled, and nothing less. If you need help with an injury claim, contact us for a free initial consultation today.

Harrisburg personal injury attorneys at your service

A personal injury can often feel just that – very personal. When another person’s negligence or sheer recklessness results in harm, your life and your family’s life can be turned upside-down. The financial and emotional strain of a severe injury can be tremendous. Turn to the attorneys at KBG Injury Law for knowledgeable guidance on personal injury claims. We help clients hold the right people accountable for their injuries and losses, as well as recoup their financial losses, guiding them on the path toward a future where they can feel stronger and more confident.

The legal team at KBG Injury Law handles a wide variety of serious and catastrophic personal injury claims, including:

Our attorneys specialize in representing clients who have experienced life-altering injuries. Whether you or your loved one suffered harm from a reckless driver, a negligent doctor, or a defective product, we have the understanding and the know-how to negotiate with insurance companies or – when necessary – to take your case to trial and fight for you. We know how the court system works in Pennsylvania and we also know how to make that knowledge work for you.

Helping injured Harrisburg workers get the benefits they need

When Pennsylvania workers are injured on the job, they are guaranteed certain rights, and one of them is workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation allows employees who experience an injury or medical condition during the course of their job to collect medical and wage benefits. Employers provide this insurance to their workers regardless of who or what caused the injury and, in return, employees cannot sue their employers for on-the-job accidents.

Unfortunately, some employers (or their insurance companies) attempt to get around workers’ compensation regulations by denying their employees these benefits. The Harrisburg workers’ comp attorneys at KBG Injury Law can help if this has happened to you. If your benefits are being delayed, denied, or suddenly terminated, our legal team will work to determine what happened. We can help launch an appeal, and work with medical professionals and other experts to help strengthen your case so you can secure the benefits to which you are entitled. We understand that you just want to get better.

Whether you work in the manufacturing, retail, health, tech, or food product sector, our Harrisburg lawyers have a deep knowledge of workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania. In fact, all three of our workers’ compensation attorneys are certified as a workers’ compensation specialists by the Pennsylvania Bar Association as authorized by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

The team at KBG Injury Law also help firefighters and civil servants who qualify for compensation under the Heart and Lung Act. In the event your work-related injuries are too severe or disabling for you to return to your job, our attorneys can help you file for Social Security Disability.

Contact us to schedule a consultation. We are happy to get started on your case today.

The legal help you want after a Harrisburg car, truck, or motorcycle accident

As the capital of Pennsylvania, right on the Susquehanna with Interstates 83, 81, and 283 and Routes 11, 15 and 581 crossing through and around town, Harrisburg is a busy place. This means a lot of residents, a lot of visitors, and a lot of traffic. Even the safest drivers and pedestrians are at risk of injury from reckless and negligent motorists. When someone makes careless choices behind the wheel, the accident attorneys at KBG Injury Law are here to pick up the pieces.

We can help ensure that the insurance company does not take advantage of you after an accident, when you are trying to recover from serious injuries and feel overwhelmed. Our motor vehicle accident lawyers represent families and individuals injured in:

  • Car accidents. These can include crashes caused by drivers who are intoxicated, texting, speeding, failing to follow traffic signals, or even asleep at the wheel. Our attorneys work to prove who was at fault. We can also determine when a defective part or hazardous road condition was responsible for your accident.
  • Truck accidents. Collisions with heavy or commercial trucks are typically catastrophic accidents. When a truck accident occurs due to trucker or trucking company negligence, our Harrisburg attorneys ensure the right parties are held responsible and you secure the proper compensation for your devastating injuries.
  • Motorcycle accidents. Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable on the road due to a bike’s lack of protection. When negligent motorists cause a motorcycle crash, bikers can suffer severe or life-altering injuries. The attorneys at KBG Injury Law represent injured Harrisburg area motorcyclists.
  • Pedestrian and bike accidents. Pedestrians and cyclists have even less protection than motorcyclists, and can suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries if struck by a vehicle. Often, these accidents occur due to distracted driving, failure to follow traffic laws, or other preventable factors. Let us help you recover your losses.

We can also assist you or your loved one if you suffered injury or harm in an accident with a train, bus, electric scooter, ATV, boat, or buggy. Our legal team is happy to answer any of your questions in a free consultation.

Compassionate legal help for Harrisburg medical malpractice victims

As a patient, your medical professional owes you a duty of care to make the right decisions regarding your treatment. When they fail to live up to that duty through negligent actions (or inaction), and you or a loved one suffer harm, they can be held liable for medical malpractice. Malpractice is not limited only to surgeons or physicians. Anyone who is responsible for your health can commit medical negligence, including nurses, lab technicians, obstetricians, gynecologists, pharmacists, and dentists.

Victims of medical malpractice often end up much sicker than when they started, and this is unacceptable. The Harrisburg attorneys at KBG Injury Law can help. We work to hold the negligent medical professional or institution accountable for the harm they caused, as well as secure compensation for your injuries and pain and suffering. Our legal team taps into our extensive network of partners to handle complex malpractice claims like:

  • Hospital and emergency room negligence
  • Labor and delivery negligence
  • Pharmaceutical negligence
  • Surgical errors

If you believe you are a victim of medical malpractice, schedule a consultation with one of the attorneys at KBG Injury Law today. We can investigate your claim and discuss all of the options available to you.

Why should I choose KBG Injury Law?

With almost 40 years of experience working for the people of Central Pennsylvania, the attorneys at KBG Injury Law simply want to help. We understand that insurance companies are not interested in anything more than their bottom line, and will stop at nothing to pay out as little as possible – even when your injuries are life-changing or permanent.

Most areas of personal injury law require working with insurance companies that are attempting to minimize your benefits or deny your claim altogether. Trying to take on insurers by yourself will likely fail — these large companies have a staff of savvy lawyers with access to virtually unlimited resources. At KBG Injury Law, we can thwart their tactics and tip the scales of justice in your favor. We can anticipate their legal maneuvers and counter their strategies effectively.

Is there a Harrisburg injury attorney near me?

Our Harrisburg office is conveniently located on the West Shore at 717 Market Street, Lemoyne, PA, just a few blocks from the West Shore Farmers Market and minutes away from downtown. We also maintain four other locations throughout South Central PA.

Contact our Harrisburg injury attorneys today

No two personal injury cases are alike. The attorneys at KBG Injury Law can help you explore all your options and pursue the course that makes the most sense in your situation. We may be able to obtain a substantial financial recovery by negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf. With our reputation as a client-focused law firm, we pledge to never treat you as just another number on a court docket. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 717-848-3838 or toll free at 800.509.1011, or fill out our contact form. KBG Injury Law maintains offices in Harrisburg, York, Lancaster, Hanover, and Gettysburg, and proudly serves individuals and families throughout South Central Pennsylvania.