Harrisburg Brain Injuries

Head injuries can affect your finances, job and everyday life for months or years to come. These serious injuries can cause memory loss, cognitive issues, personality changes and many other serious symptoms. People who have suffered a serious head injury may also be more prone to head injuries in the future.

These injuries are not just personally challenging — they also tend to be expensive. While new research into brain injuries is constant, the costs of surgery and lost income after a sports accident, workplace incident, fall or other situation causing a head injury can be significant.

What Are Head Injuries?

Usually when we speak of head injury we discuss traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), one of the most common brain injuries. TBIs occur when the head is struck and the brain bounces around inside of the skull, causing bruises, tissue damage, swelling and bleeding. Swelling can cause further damage as the brain pushes up against the skull, and in some cases, the skull can even crack due to the force of impact.

A less common form of head injury occurs when an object penetrates the skull and directly injures the brain.

A less common form of head injury occurs when an object penetrates the skull and directly injures the tissue of the brain, such as in car and truck accidents. Another less-common head injury occurs when the brain is deprived of oxygen for an extended period of time, causing cells to die.

Why Contact Brain Injury Attorneys in Harrisburg, PA?

It can take the brain a long time to heal after an accident, and while it does, any secondary injury can be serious or even life-threatening. As a result, it is important to get fair compensation.

In addition, brain injuries are difficult because they can affect a person’s life significantly. Someone who has memory loss, cognitive problems, speech impediments, mobility issues, personality changes or other symptoms of a head injury may be unable to work for months, years or even permanently. A patient may need expensive surgery, prolonged hospital stays, rehabilitation and other medical treatment. An attorney can help patients seek damages not only for current medical costs but also for expected future medical costs and lost earnings, which may be significant.

Compensation is a way to ensure that patients’ financial lives are not forever affected by injuries which were not their fault. Assisted living facilities, at-home help and other expenses associated with serious, permanent injury can end up costing over a million dollars. Brain injury attorneys in Harrisburg help patients recover compensation so the costs do not fall on their families.

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