Hanover Social Security Disability

If you’re disabled, Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income benefits can serve as a vital lifeline, providing the income you and your family needs for survival. Unfortunately, the majority of applications for benefits are initially denied.

Denial can occur due to insufficient medical data, as well a wide range of non-medical or administrative reasons. If your application has been denied, it is important to act quickly, as you have only 60 days to file an appeal. Your best course of action is to contact experienced Social Security attorneys for assistance.

Where Can I Get Help in Hanover?

The law firm of KBG Injury Law can help with all types of Social Security issues in Hanover. Our Social Security attorneys possess a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of this highly complex area of the law and how they impact your particular situation. We’ve helped many South Central Pennsylvanians receive the Social Security benefits that have significantly improved the quality of their lives.

Our social security attorneys understand the intricacies of this highly complex area of law.

What Will KBG Injury Law Social Security Attorneys Do?

Our Social Security attorneys will take a number of steps, including examining the medical evidence and contacting your physician to obtain additional information if necessary. We’ll prepare legal briefs and other documentation on your behalf, and we’ll review your initial application for benefits to help determine the cause of the denial. We will request the reopening of a prior application if appropriate. We will also represent you throughout the appeal process and prepare you to testify at an appeal hearing.

The Importance of the Appeal Process

If your best course of action is to appeal your denial of benefits, our Social Security attorneys can be your most important asset. More than 60 percent of appeals that reach the hearing level ultimately result in the awarding of benefits. Individuals who are represented by an attorney have a much greater chance of success than those who attempt to take on the system by themselves.

A Denial Letter Does Not Mean You Do Not Qualify for Benefits

Most people who apply for Social Security disability in Hanover are rejected the first time they attempt to secure benefits. If you have received a letter of denial, it does not mean your journey to benefits is over. In fact, it is important to keep pursuing your rightful benefits.

Social Security benefits are paid for by tax money or by deductions from your pay. You have contributed to the program one way or another, and you deserve to have this resource in place if you are disabled and unable to work. You may also need this money to pay for housing, food and other necessities if you are disabled.

If you cannot work, you need benefits to replace income and in order to pay for necessities. If you abandon your quest for Social Security disability, your ability to appeal will also be affected, and you may not get a chance to apply for benefits. This can mean you are left without resources. With fewer options, you may have to make some very difficult financial decisions. Social Security is there to protect you, and it can protect you if you work with a qualified attorney who can strengthen your case to ensure you get the benefits you deserve.

Strengthening Your Case

In many cases, attorneys can secure additional medical tests or detailed information about your disability from a medical expert. The Social Security Administration allows for benefits for a wide range of physical and mental disabilities, but you need to be able to prove your disability prevents you from working.

Many disabilities exist on a spectrum, with some patients experiencing only mild symptoms and others experiencing debilitating symptoms. Since everyone experiences serious medical conditions differently, it is important for you to prove your disability prevents you from performing job duties or everyday activities and that you therefore require benefits. An attorney can help you secure and communicate this type of evidence.

The Social Security Administration is concerned about fraud.

The Social Security Administration is concerned about fraud and may be overly zealous in rejecting any applications that do not meet very narrow standards. In addition, the typical bureaucratic red tape that exists with any government entity can come into play. An attorney understands exactly how to present your case so you have the best chance of success.

Why KBG Injury Law?

When you work with us and contact us to speak to a Social Security lawyer in Hanover, you will be working with Nancy Mizerak, M.D., J.D. Nancy worked as a physician for more than 15 years, during which time she acted as a medical professional on a number of legal cases. Seeing how injured people were treated in the legal system prompted her to seek a legal career to better represent those who have been injured.

Nancy’s background as a medical professional, doctor and lawyer means she has both legal experience and the medical insight to help strengthen a claim. She understands the medical terminology used as well as medical evidence the Social Security Administration demands. She can help you evaluate why your initial application was denied and can help you build a stronger case.

Don’t Fall through the Cracks

At KBG Injury Law, we’re committed to helping you fight the Social Security Administration bureaucracy and get the results you deserve. Contact KBG Injury Law today to schedule a free consultation.

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