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Our children are the most precious things in our lives, little people we protect and love with everything we have. As much as we may want to wrap them up in bubble wrap and lock them away, however, we know we can’t. We know there is no actual way to avoid any injury, especially while they’re still learning. But that doesn’t mean they should suffer needlessly.

When the people and entities we trust with our children’s safety fail to protect them, they must be held to account for the physical and economic harm they’ve caused. The Hanover child injury attorneys at KGB Injury Law go after the negligent parties with the same passion and vigor as the victim’s parents — because we understand.

What are the common causes of children’s injuries?

As dangerous as the world may be for adults, that danger is increased tenfold for the younger members of our society. It isn’t only because they are physically smaller and weaker, though that is absolutely part of it. It isn’t even only because they are still learning how to make good decisions, though that too is a part of it. What makes childhood so dangerous is that so much of our children’s’ lives is out of our direct control, in the hands of relative strangers.

There are an unfortunate multitude of ways children can get seriously hurt. Most commonly, those causes include playing sports, riding bikes, falling, burns, dog attacks, using machines, appliances and tools meant for adults only, and motor vehicle collisions. A common thread to why these things happen is the negligence of those supervising the children or the environment and equipment they're using.

Where is a child most likely to get hurt?

Statistically speaking, the more often someone is at a location, the likelier an accident will occur there. Our children spend much of their childhoods at places other than home, like school, camp, recreational activities, clubs, and doctors’ appointments. Especially among younger kids, most of their time is on a playground of some sort and, when you mix statistics with climbing equipment and hyper children, an incident of some sort is bound to happen. Research agrees. The CDC found that 75 percent of nonfatal injuries from playground equipment among children happen at school or daycare, but most fatal injuries from playground equipment happen at home.

What injuries are the most serious to children?

Even broken bones and fractures are relatively easy for children to bounce back from, and most scrapes are forgotten about in a day. They may be vulnerable, but children are spry and, well, bouncy. While there can be serious, life -altering orthopedic injuries.

The injuries to worry about the most are spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injury of any sort — including “minor” concussions. Children’s brains are still developing, and they won’t stop until about age 25. When an injury happens before maturity, it may stunt or damage the brain more than it would for an adult. Studies show that childhood brain injuries bring an increased risk of mental illnesses like depression, learning struggles, and even early death.

What are the long-term effects of a serious injury to a child?

A child’s serious injury may mean a lifetime of treatment, therapy, medication, surgeries, medical costs, lost earnings and earning capacity – and a loss of independence, or dependence on caregivers for the rest of her life. In short, the effects can be devasting for both parent and child.

How long do I have to file a Hanover child injury claim?

In the state of Pennsylvania, adults have two years after being injured to file a lawsuit against all potentially responsible parties. Minors have until their 20th birthday to file suit against all responsible parties. There are circumstances under which these deadlines can be extended; you should never simply assume it is too late to take legal action. Always consult with an experienced personal injury attorney if you believe that you or your minor child have been injured as a result of someone else’s wrongful conduct.

How can a Hanover, PA child injury attorney help my case?

Getting a competent, zealous advocate on your side as early as possible after you discover that you may have been a victim of medical malpractice in essential to protecting your right to be fully and fairly compensated for the harm you’ve needlessly suffered. Your attorney will prevent you from making the mistakes that unrepresented victims often make – while preserving evidence and presenting your claims at the best time and in the best manner to seek justice for you and your child. It’s only with a good attorney on your side that you’ll see that justice is done.

Is there a Hanover, PA child injury attorney near me?

KBG Injury Law is located at 250 York Street in Hanover, PA, only a few blocks east of the Square. We also have other locations in York, Lancaster, Gettysburg, and Harrisburg.

Let our Hanover, PA child injury attorneys help your child and your family

If your child has suffered a serious injury needlessly as a result of someone’s wrongful conduct, the best time to act is now. Trust the Hanover childhood injury attorneys at KGB Injury Law to take your child’s recovery as seriously as you do. We understand how terrifying and traumatic these experiences are for every member of the family, and we devote ourselves to helping make those situations better by ensuring you secure the maximum compensation possible. Our injury attorneys are available at offices in York, Lancaster, Gettysburg, Harrisburg, Hanover, and serve clients throughout South Central Pennsylvania. For a free consultation, call us today at 717-848-3838 or use our contact form.