Hanover Medical Malpractice

When you go to a local doctor, clinic or hospital, you expect a high standard of medical care. Many medical professionals dedicate their lives to providing quality treatment and helping people recover from illness.

If you have had a negative outcome in a medical setting, you may have questions. You may face considerable pain and medical complications, whether your situation involved a medication error, wrong site surgery, misdiagnosis or other event.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

Not all negative medical events are medical malpractice. However, if you were injured because a doctor or facility violated the standard of care, you may have a claim. You may have a claim if:

  • You were injured while a patient
  • Your injury was caused by a professional or facility deviating from the accepted medical practices other medical professionals would have used in your case
  • Your injuries caused damages, such as disability, lost time at work, medical costs or other damages

What you'll need to prove your medical malpractice claim

To prove your claim, you will need to show you were injured and that another doctor from the same area would not have taken the same steps as your doctor or facility. You can pursue a claim whether you have been injured at a hospital, clinic, specialist’s office, doctor’s office or another medical setting.

What Do Medical Malpractice Lawyers in Hanover Do?

If you have been injured in a medical setting, pursuing fair compensation is important. Your injury may mean you need to take time away from work or may require you to undergo painful and expensive medical treatment. If your injuries are permanent, you may face a lifetime of increased medical costs, limited mobility or reduced earning potential.

A medical malpractice attorney can review your case if you are unsure whether you have a claim

A medical malpractice attorney can review your case with you if you are unsure whether you may have a claim. He or she can ensure you file within Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations. Your medical malpractice attorney can also represent you to ensure all requirements for this type of claim are met. As part of your claim, for example, your attorney will ensure a “certificate of merit” is filed within 60 days of filing your claim, as required by Pennsylvania law. Your attorney will also find expert witnesses to testify in your case.

When Should I Contact Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Hanover?

If you have been injured as a patient, it is important to reach out to medical malpractice attorneys as soon as possible. In these cases, it can be difficult to know whether negligence played a role in your injuries, and medical facilities and doctors will not volunteer this information. Attorneys like those at KBG Injury Law can immediately move to establish what happened and can work to preserve evidence.

If you have been injured in any way when getting medical treatment, contact KBG Injury Law today for a consultation. Our medical malpractice lawyers serve Hanover, PA, and other South Central Pennsylvania communities.