Hanover Brain Injuries

Head injuries are among the most devastating injuries individuals sustain. The brain injury attorneys in the Hanover offices of KBG Injury Law have seen head injuries caused by auto accidents, bicycle crashes, workplace injuries and other incidents.

Brain injuries can rob a person of their memories, the ability to speak and the ability to work. These injuries can affect everything from mobility to personality. Recovery can take months or years and can involve hospital stays, surgeries, rehabilitation, occupational therapy and other expensive and intensive treatments. In some cases, injuries are permanent and a patient learns to accommodate new limitations.

What are brain injuries?

What Are Brain Injuries?

Our brains are well-protected by a hard skull made of bone. In some situations, however, the skull can exacerbate an injury. When a person’s head impacts with a solid surface, for example, the brain can move around inside the skull. If the impact has enough force, the brain strikes the sides of the skull, leading to a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Traumatic brain injuries can cause bleeding, bruising and damage to delicate brain tissue. In some cases, the brain may begin to swell — since there is no room for expansion, more damage can occur as the brain tissue pushes up against the skull.

Other brain injuries are caused by objects piercing the skull and directly damaging brain tissue. Often, this occurs with firearms injuries, car accidents and other serious incidents.

What Can Brain Injury Lawyers in Hanover Do to Help?

Serious brain injuries are among some of the most personally and financially devastating injuries to sustain. Some patients never recover consciousness and must be placed in an assisted living facility for around-the-clock care. Others are unable to walk or unable to remember. Some patients face serious cognitive difficulties or significant personality changes. In all of these cases, TBI patients may not be able to return to work or may have a greatly reduced earning capacity. They may also face substantial medical bills.

Compensation can help replace lost income and pay for medical treatment, personal care, and the other supports a TBI survivor needs to rebuild their life.

While a lawyer cannot turn back the clock and prevent an injury from occurring, a head injury attorney can help injured patients seek compensation in cases where negligence caused the injury. Compensation can help replace lost income and pay for medical treatment, personal care and the other supports a TBI survivor needs to rebuild his or her life.

When Should I Contact Head Injury Attorneys in Hanover?

If you have suffered a serious head injury or are the immediate family member of someone who has sustained serious or fatal head trauma, it is important to contact head injury lawyers in Hanover right away. You want someone to advise you of your rights and next steps at once.

It is never too soon to contact a lawyer. The attorneys at KBG Injury Law can even consult with you while you are still in the hospital. Contact KBG Injury Law today for a consultation to discuss your situation. Your first consultation is free, so you risk nothing by discussing your potential case with an attorney.