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Mothers all over the world carry a unique strength, no matter how they gave birth. Even without complications, giving birth is not easy. When complications do occur, a life affirming event can turn into a nightmare. Ideally, the medical professionals around you are trained, competent, and responsible enough to prevent or treat any issues as they happen, but when they fail to do this, both the baby and the mother can suffer. In the most tragic cases, neither recover. That is why the Hanover birth injury attorneys at KGB Injury Law are dedicated to holding negligent providers accountable and getting our clients the justice and compensation they deserve.

What is a birth injury?

A birth injury is a broad term that means exactly what it says. It refers to any physical injuries the baby may suffer while being born. Even though the female body is meant for the process, it is by no means seamless or without risks, complications or not. Not every birth injury is serious — in fact, many are not — and they can happen even when everything working as it should be.

That being said, most minor birth injuries are only minor because a responsible medical professional understands how to recognize them, treat them, and help your baby heal. However, if they are negligent in diagnosing or treating the issue in time, a birth injury can lead to further, more severe complications.

What are the common causes of birth injuries?

Make no mistake — birth injuries are often caused by medical negligence. Certain factors about the baby and/or the mother may heighten the risks of some birth injuries, making them likelier to happen without a competent professional overseeing the pregnancy, labor, and delivery. The following conditions have all been linked to causing birth injuries:

  • Large babies (8 pounds and up), especially if the mother has a smaller build
  • Prolonged labor
  • Premature birth
  • Cephalopelvic disproportion, or when the mother’s pelvis is the wrong size or shape for the baby to fit through vaginally
  • Difficult labor or childbirth, regardless of the reason or conditions, can increase the likelihood of a birth injury
  • Abnormal birthing presentation, such as when the baby is turned in the wrong direction before exiting the womb

Which birth injuries are the most serious?

In an ideal world, preventable birth injuries would simply never happen, or if they did, they would be treated easily, painlessly, and completely. Fortunately, severe birth injuries are relatively rare. If you are an expecting mother, though, you should still know the potential risks and warning signs of those severe and deadly injuries to help protect yourself and your baby if the worst happens. Some of the most dangerous birth injuries and complications include:

  • Uterine ruptures, which is when the lining or wall of the uterus tears open. While this rare event is not something that can be predicted or prevented, if a doctor diagnoses the rupture quickly enough to perform an emergency C-section, both the baby and the mother can survive the event. But as soon as the rupture occurs, the baby is in extreme danger of suffocation, which can lead to severe brain injury and death. Any late diagnosis and action can be too late to avoid lifelong complications, even if the baby survives.
  • Shoulder dystocia, which is a sudden emergency birth event where the baby’s shoulder gets stuck while entering the birth canal. Doctors are trained to act quickly and safely to dislodge the baby without causing injury, but because the risk of suffocation is so great in these situations, even seasoned professionals may work too quickly and roughly, possibly damaging both the baby’s nerves and bones. Any action that is too slow can also lead to mental disabilities and brain injuries caused by oxygen deprivation.
  • Umbilical cord prolapse, or when the umbilical cord drops too soon and ends up in front of the baby, is both extremely rare and extremely deadly. Compression of the umbilical cord this way can completely cut off the baby’s oxygen, beyond just depriving or reducing it. Doctors must immediately deliver the baby to avoid asphyxia.
  • Fetal macrosomia, or a larger baby, is not inherently dangerous or a “complication” in and of itself, but many babies over nine pounds cannot be safely delivered vaginally. When doctors fail to diagnose the baby’s extra size, and thus fails to perform a C-section or warn the mother of complications, the baby can become stuck in the vaginal canal and risk suffocation and brain injury, alongside seriously injuring the mother.

What are the long-term effects of a serious birth injury?

When a baby is deprived of oxygen for a substantial amount of time, suffer head or brain injury, or experience any sort of nerve damage, the consequences can last for the rest of their life and affect every aspect of it. Cerebral palsy is a common result of infant oxygen deprivation, for example. This permanent condition can come in several forms and requires a lifetime of surgeries, treatments, medications, and external care, and is not only extremely painful and isolating for the child, but also stunts their motor and developmental skills. One doctor’s bad mistake at birth can rob your baby of any true independence in life. Other palsies, like Erb’s Palsy, are also permanent disabilities that relate more to nerve damage than a head injury. Nerve injuries must be diagnosed and treated quickly to avoid complications like a palsy or spinal cord injury (which could lead to paralysis). Anytime paralysis or palsy results from birth, the possibility that medical negligence occurred should be investigated.

How long do I have to file a Hanover birth injury claim?

In the state of Pennsylvania, adult victims generally have two years following an injury or accident to file a lawsuit against all potentially responsible parties. Minors have until their 20th birthday to file suit against all responsible parties. There are circumstances under which these deadlines can be extended; you should never simply assume it is too late to take legal action. Always consult with an experienced personal injury or medical malpractice attorney if you believe that you or your minor child have been the victim of medical malpractice so that your rights can be protected.

How can a Hanover, PA birth injury attorney help my case?

Getting a competent, zealous advocate on your side as early as possible after you discover that you may have been a victim of medical malpractice in essential to protecting your right to be fully and fairly compensated for the harm you’ve needlessly suffered. Your attorney will prevent you from making the mistakes that unrepresented victims often make – while preserving evidence and presenting your claims at the best time and in the best manner to seek justice for you and your child. It’s only with a good attorney on your side that you’ll see that justice is done.

Is there a Hanover, PA birth injury attorney near me?

KBG Injury Law is located at 250 York Street in Hanover, PA, only a few blocks east of the Square. We also have other locations in York, Lancaster, Gettysburg, and Harrisburg.

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