Hanover Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles can be a fun way to get around. For many people, they are a lifestyle and the ultimate expression of freedom. Whether you ride vintage hogs or the latest new models, however, you are sharing the road with others. No matter how careful you are and how skilled you are on your bike, you may find yourself in an accident.

Understanding Motorcycle Accidents

Understanding Motorcycle Accidents

The impact of motorcycle accidents can be catastrophic. There is no crumple zone on a motorcycle to protect you and no seatbelt or airbag to keep you in place. You may be thrown from the motorcycle, putting you at risk of traumatic brain injury, facial injury, road burns, spinal cord trauma and other serious injuries. Since the tank of a motorcycle can catch fire, burn injuries are also a risk in these collisions. If you become trapped under another vehicle, amputations can be a hazard, as well.

Do I Really Need Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Hanover If I Have Insurance?

To operate a motorcycle in Pennsylvania, you need a license and insurance coverage. Mandatory minimums require you to have a policy with bodily-injury protection of $15,000 per person, as well as $5,000 in property damage coverage and $30,000 in accident coverage. You can choose to have more coverage than this, and you can also elect to have extra coverage for uninsured drivers, for passengers, for medical payments and for comprehensive coverage.

Even if you have quality insurance above the mandated minimums, you may find your insurance and separate medical coverage will not entirely cover the costs of your injuries. A motorcycle accident may require emergency medical care, a hospital stay, surgery, medical testing and imaging, rehabilitation and other costs. You may need to miss work, visit specialists for care and take your motorcycle to the shop. Insurance may cover only a fraction of these costs, and anything not covered by insurance will be your responsibility.

Being responsible on your bike and getting good insurance are smart precautions to protect you against the high cost of a collision. However, getting good representation is also important to avoid paying more out of pocket.

Contacting Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Hanover

Pennsylvania has laws to protect you if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, but you will want to work with an attorney to protect your ability to secure compensation. A motorcycle accident attorney can ensure your insurance company treats you fairly after a collision and can work to pursue any negligent parties in your case. Most of all, an attorney makes sure you do not have to face the legal system and the aftermath of your crash alone.

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