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Strong advocacy when seniors suffer physical, emotional, sexual, or financial abuse

Seniors work hard all their lives – at their jobs, raising families, and contributing to communities. In their advanced years, they deserve to be treated with dignity. When seniors move into nursing homes and long-term care facilities in Gettysburg, they have the right to expect the nursing homes will prioritize their needs. Parents, aunts, uncles, and other seniors should be able to focus on enjoying the other residents, their families, and friends. The elderly should not have to worry that the nursing home staff will abuse them or take advantage of them.

At KBG Injury Law, our Gettysburg nursing home lawyers have earned the respect of former clients, insurance adjusters, defense lawyers, judges, and the community. We’ve earned this respect because of our dedication to fighting for the injured and those who can’t fight for themselves. We understand the proactive steps nursing homes should take to prevent abuse and neglect. Our lawyers also understand when and how nursing homes should respond to complaints from senior residents. We have an impressive record of settlements and verdicts in personal injury cases.

How many Pennsylvanians live in nursing homes?

According to data from the Pennsylvania Department of Health, between July 1, 2020, and June 30, 2021:

  • Nearly 10,400 women between the ages of 90-99 live in nursing homes.
  • Nearly 13,200 women between the ages of 80-89 live in nursing homes.
  • Nearly 9,000 women between the ages of 70-79 live in nursing homes.
  • Nearly 2,500 women between 60-69 live in nursing homes.
  • Nearly 4,600 men between the ages of 90-99 live in nursing homes.
  • Nearly 13,200 men between the ages of 80-89 live in nursing homes.
  • Nearly 6,200 men between the ages of 70-79 live in nursing homes.
  • Nearly 4,900 men between 60-69 live in nursing homes.

Unfortunately, many of these seniors will experience some type of abuse or neglect during their stay.

What acts constitute nursing home abuse?

Most South Central Pennsylvania nursing homes do provide quality care. However, when nursing homes fail to protect their seniors, they deserve to be held accountable. Sadly, many seniors are afraid to report abuse. That’s why it’s critical that family and friends help their loved ones assert their rights.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) defines elder abuse as “an intentional act or failure to act that causes or creates a risk of harm to an older adult. An older adult is someone age 60 or older.”

The CDC categorizes abuse as follows:

  • This type of abuse involves any type of physical force that causes pain, injury, or illness. Examples include hitting, striking, slapping, restraining, and burning a senior. Signs of physical abuse include cuts, bleeding, bruises, malnutrition, dehydration, lack of appetite, and bedsores.
  • Sexual abuse “involves forced or unwanted sexual interaction of any kind with an older adult. This may include unwanted sexual contact or penetration or non-contact acts such as sexual harassment.” Signs of sexual abuse include vaginal bleeding or bruises, withdrawal, discussions about sex, fear after being touched, and other physical and emotional harm.
  • Emotional or psychological. This type of abuse can be verbal or nonverbal. It includes isolation, refusing to allow the senior to spend time with family and friends, insults, and humiliation. Some of the signs of emotional abuse include anxiety, depression, fear, loss of self-esteem, withdrawal, and thoughts that is time to die. Often, emotional abuse is due to a lack of training by the nursing home or staff shortages. Staff members may use emotional abuse to force the senior to be quiet while the staff members work on other things.
  • Financial abuse. Many seniors have dementia or can be easily pressured. Signs of financial abuse include forcing a senior to sign a power of attorney or change his/her will. Other signs include unauthorized purchases, forgery, and mishandling of checks and other financial records.
  • Nursing homes know the mobility and other difficulties seniors have. The homes should take steps to prevent seniors from falling. Neglect also includes proper hygiene, nutrition, and medical care. A common type of nursing home neglect is not ensuring that the senior takes his/her medications.

At KBG Injury Law, our Gettysburg nursing home lawyers advise family, friends, and the seniors about nursing home abuse claims.

What rights do Gettysburg nursing home residents have?

Nursing home residents should be given a written list of their rights. There are federal rights that have been written by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, and Pennsylvania also has a Bill of Rights. Some of the rights nursing home residents should enjoy include:

  • The right to be informed of the nursing home charges
  • The right to engage in social activities
  • The right to be treated respectfully
  • The right to proper medical care
  • The right to file complaints with the nursing home or an ombudsman
  • The right to be free from discrimination
  • The right to speak with a lawyer
  • The right to control their own finances
  • The right to visitation from family and friends
  • Many other elaborated rights

Who is liable for Gettysburg nursing home abuse or neglect?

Our seasoned Gettysburg nursing home lawyers file claims against all responsible parties, including:

  • Nursing home
  • Nursing home staff
  • Medical staff
  • Maintenance companies
  • Builders
  • Visitors
  • Contractors
  • Maintenance and repair companies

What laws protect seniors from abuse?

There are many federal and state laws that regulate nursing homes and protect seniors. Medicare and Medicaid have specific regulations. Pennsylvania Code Title 28 provides laws that govern nursing homes, including laws on ownership, operation, safety codes, physical plant standards, equipment standards, housekeeping, maintenance, fire protection, and program standards.

How can a Gettysburg nursing home abuse attorney help?

Our lawyers work aggressively to hold nursing homes liable for their negligence and abuse. Often, we can show that the nursing home:

  • Failed to properly vet (run background checks of) their employees.
  • Failed to have proper procedures in place to prevent abuse and neglect.
  • Did not have protocols for responding to complaints.
  • Did not hire enough competent staff members.

We work with nursing home professionals who understand the standards for quality care. We also work with investigators and conduct discovery to question everyone involved in (or who has knowledge of) the abuse or neglect. Our lawyers also work with geriatric specialists and other physicians to fully assess the type of injuries your loved one has sustained, what treatments are necessary, and how the senior’s life is and will be affected.

Is there a nursing home abuse and negligence attorney near me?

You can find KBG Injury Law at 37 West Middle Street in Gettysburg, PA. We’re close to Route 30 and steps from the Adams County Court House. We have five offices in South Central Pennsylvania to serve you. When necessary, we can meet with you and your loved one at the nursing home or another convenient location.

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