Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle Insurance

What You Should Know About Vehicle Insurance

Far too many people have questions about automobile insurance. Their questions usually arise after they have been injured – when it is too late to make changes to their policies. We hope that this information will allow people to make the proper insurance decisions before it’s too late.

When you partner with an attorney from KBG Injury Law, we can help you recover from these upsetting life events by holding those responsible accountable for their negligence or actions. We can even help if you were involved with a motorist who does not have insurance or who is underinsured — do not give up hope.

We Take Your Case Personally

At the law firm of KBG Injury Law, we have built a solid reputation in the central Pennsylvania community for caring about the health and welfare of our clients. We take your case personally, and we will provide you with the experienced legal representation you need to get the results you deserve.

We will examine your case with the care and attention you expect. We will also go beyond what other attorneys do and provide you with our best recommendations for future coverage. We will also review why common strategies for reducing premiums seriously limit your ability to recover adequate funds in the event of a catastrophic accident.\

Your Vehicle-Insurance Choices Matter

If it has been some time since you last reviewed your car-insurance policy, take a look. Your insurance needs, driving habits and life circumstances change over time, and your insurance may no longer fit you. Adjust it now so you can get the most robust coverage that will offer maximum protection in an accident.

If it's been some time since you last reviewed your car insurance policy, take a look.

Talk to an insurance broker who works with many insurance companies to find the best deals and coverage. Insure for as much as you can. In the event of an accident, state minimums will not reflect the true cost of an auto accident, so try to insure well above them.

When looking at insurance, be sure to consider:

  • Bodily-injury liability and property-damage liability: which protect you from legal action.
  • Wage-loss benefits: which help you pay the bills if you cannot return to work immediately following your accident.
  • Medical-expense benefits: which cover medical costs. Medical costs are one of the largest expenses in a car accident and can add up quickly in cases where someone is permanently or seriously injured. Check to see what is covered by your medical insurance, and get the best medical-expense benefits you can.
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage: which protects you in crashes involving drivers who have minimal policies or no insurance at all.
  • Full tort coverage: which helps you recover for pain and suffering. While partial tort coverage saves you a few dollars on premiums, it can mean you do not get the financial resources you need after a collision.

If you have been in an accident and do not understand what is and is not covered on your policy, contact KBG Injury Law for a free consultation. Our attorneys will explain your policy in plain English and help you understand what you need to do next.

Saving on Insurance

At KBG Injury Law, we know you want the most robust coverage but are also concerned about insurance costs. These tips will help you keep your premiums lower:

  • Take advantage of discounts: Some insurance companies offer a discount if you have had a driving class in the past three years or have a clean driving record or security system on your car. Review the discounts available to you. Perhaps by taking a class or installing a simple device, you can save on your insurance.
  • Check your driving record: Are there any mistakes on your driving record? If so, they could be hurting your chances of getting the best insurance rates.
  • Change your deductibles: Set aside the money for a higher deductible and change your deductible with your insurance company. Since you will be absorbing more of the cost after a crash, the company will usually accept lower premiums.
  • Talk to a broker: Brokers work for clients and network with multiple insurance companies to bring you the best deals. Talk to a broker to find out whether switching insurance companies can save you money. Review your insurance options, too. A broker can help you understand what insurance meets your needs. They can compare different policies from multiple insurance companies to bring you the best rates.

The Auto-Insurance-Claims Process

Being in an auto collision is upsetting and frightening. Unfortunately, many drivers also feel intimidated by the insurance-claims process they must undergo to make a claim. To make a claim, you will need to contact your insurance company and report the accident. Then, you will be guided through the insurance process.

To make a claim, you will need to contact your insurance company and report the accident.

It is important to realize that insurance companies serve their shareholders. Thus, they are acting in the best interests of the company. Many drivers find it reassuring to have an experienced auto-accident attorney by their side to assist them with the claims process.

If you have been in a car accident, contact KBG Injury Law. Our attorneys have worked for insurance companies and litigated thousands of claims on behalf of injured drivers. Using their deep understanding of insurance laws, local laws and insurance policies, they will take care of the details for you. They can explain insurance and guide you through the process, working to maximize your recovery.

What You Do After a Vehicle Accident Matters

If you have been in an auto accident, it is important to make sure you do not make any mistakes that could hurt your claim. After an accident, for example, it is important to get a full medical evaluation to determine whether you have been injured. You may also wish to contact an auto-accident attorney to ensure you do not make any costly mistakes with your claims process. Contact KBG Injury Law for a free consultation if you have been injured and want help.

We Understand Insurers, Because We Once Represented Them

Most importantly, the law firm of KBG Injury Law is comprised of experienced litigators, many of whom worked for the insurance industry. We are uniquely qualified to understand the tactics insurers use every day to protect their bottom lines — and not your wallet. With our team in your corner, you can rest assured we will treat your case with the respect and attention it deserves.

KBG Injury Law is a personal injury law firm that has over 30 years experience addressing matters concerning insurance bad faith, traffic accidents and more. Our attorneys can help you better understand your policy while also holding your insurer accountable to the laws of Pennsylvania. You may also be entitled to lost wages and insurance rate protection as provided for by your policy and Pennsylvania law. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury through no fault of your own in Gettysburg, PA, effective legal representation is not far away.