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What Is Considered an Attractive Nuisance?

If you have ever seen a child wander onto your property because he or she is drawn to a potentially dangerous object, that object is considered an “attractive nuisance.” As a result, the law will require you to take the steps necessary to make sure that child or any others are not harmed. Should you fail to do so and a child is hurt, then you could be held liable.

Table of Contents

Do You Have an Attractive Nuisance on Your Property?

Taking Precautions


Do You Have an Attractive Nuisance on Your Property?

The law considers an attractive nuisance to be something that is so enticing to a child that he or she cannot resist coming on to your property and investigating the object. It could be a swimming pool, a water well, an animal, a piece of machinery or something less obvious, such as your roof. If your roof is easily accessible to children in the neighborhood and you do not take steps to make it as safe as possible, there is a chance you could face liability should an accident occur.

Taking Precautions

While you will not be required to “childproof” your property to eliminate the chances of an accident, there are some basic things you will be expected to do to make it safer. Many of these are simply common-sense steps that will likely shield you from liability.

For example, put away any machinery that could attract a child, such as a lawnmower. Make sure you have a secure fence around your pool so children will not be able to enter unsupervised. Always keep pets inside a securely fenced yard rather than allowing them to run free without someone watching.

If you are facing a lawsuit due to an accident involving an attractive nuisance, KBG Injury Law may be able to help. Contact us online or call 717-848-3838 for more information.