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The loss of a limb is one of the most devastating injuries anyone can suffer. Many workers risk losing a limb every time they work with heavy machinery or with work vehicles. Amputation of an arm, leg, foot, hand, finger, or toe affects victims physically and emotionally. Many amputees can’t work again unless they are retrained for non-physical jobs. Many victims who suffer a loss of limb live with anxiety and depression.

At KBG Injury Law, we fight to help traumatic amputation injury victims obtain all the compensation they deserve so that they can have the best chance to move forward and live joyful fulfilling lives. We fight to hold drivers, property owners, and others liable for a loss of limb. We work to obtain all the medical benefits a victim deserves including surgeries, prosthetic care, and psychological help. We seek compensation in personal injury cases for a victim’s physical pain and emotional suffering – and additional damages for scarring and disfigurement. Our lawyers demand all the compensation for lost wages victims deserve.

What are the causes of traumatic amputation injuries?

Traumatic amputations are often the result of crushing or shearing accidents. They can occur when a body part sustained so much damage that it cannot be repaired and must be removed, or in events where a limb or appendage is cut or ripped from the body. The most common causes include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents. Car accidents, truck crashes, and motorcycle spills create a lot of force that can tear or rip an arm or leg off. In some cases, a fracture of an arm or leg is so severe that there is no way to repair the damage without affecting the rest of the body – requiring the removal of the arm or leg. Sometimes, an arm or leg must be amputated because it becomes infected. Pedestrians and bicycle riders who are struck by a car and motorcycle riders are most likely to lose a limb because they have no protection other than their clothing.
  • Premises liability accidents. Shoppers and visitors to businesses and organizations may lose a limb or another body part because of a fall, especially if the fall is from a significant height.
  • Medical malpractice. A failure to make a proper diagnosis, mistakes during surgery, or other types of medical errors may result in the loss of an arm, leg, hand, foot, finger, or toe.
  • Defective products and tools. York, PA residents may lose an arm or leg while using any home tools, electronic products, products that are sharp, and other types of products.
  • Dog bites. Dog bites may result in an infection or damage beyond repair that necessitates amputation of an arm or leg.

What workplace accidents can lead to limb loss?

Many amputation accidents happen in the workplace. Workers can easily lose a limb in accidents involving:

  • Vehicles, such as trucks, bulldozers, and cranes
  • Falls from heights such as beams, ladders, and scaffolds
  • Heavy machinery and presses
  • Power tools
  • Fires and explosions
  • Defective products used on site

Failure of the employer to comply with federal or Pennsylvania safety regulations – including failing to train workers how to use machinery, equipment, and tools, or to implement safety training for all employees – can also lead to limb loss or amputation injuries.

Our York, PA workers’ compensation lawyers file work injury claims if an employee loses a limb due to a workplace accident.


If you lost a limb, you’re not alone. According to Access Prosthetics, nearly 2.1 million people live with limb loss. Nearly 500 amputations occur yearly. Below the knee-amputations are the most common type of amputation.

Who is liable for accidents that cause a loss of limb?

Drivers, car owners, parts manufacturers, and other defendants may be liable for a motor vehicle accident. Construction site owners, property owners, maintenance companies, and other defendants may be liable for a slip and fall accident. Doctors, hospitals, nurses, and other healthcare providers may be liable for medical malpractice. In non-workplace accident cases, our skilled York, PA amputation lawyers fight to show that the defendants are liable to you because of their wrongful conduct.

Employees, non-employees, and non-workers can all file a product liability claim against a manufacturer of a defective product such as defective brakes that cause someone to lose a limb.

What are the treatments for people who lose a limb?

Most amputations require some type of surgery to preserve as much as the limb or body part as possible – and to preserve the maximum ability to use a prosthetic. According to Johns Hopkins University, the diverse types of amputation surgeries are:

  • Standard amputations
  • Osseointegration (OI)
  • Rotationplasty (often used for cancer patients)

Some of the known risks for amputees include:

  • The possibility of falling or losing one’s balance. Occupational therapists help amputees learn how to function with and without prosthetics to reduce the risk of falling.
  • Phantom limb sensations. The general thought is that “remaining nerve connections in the spinal cord and brain ’remember’ the body part, which can cause a compelling sensation that it is still there (phantom limb syndrome) or severe pain (phantom pain syndrome).” These conditions are extremely uncomfortable. “A peripheral nerve block might be necessary to control pain and phantom limb sensations.”

Once the surgery is complete, the rehabilitation team will work to help a York, PA amputation injury victim recover as much as possible. The rehabilitation team includes many healthcare professionals including:

  • A physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor helps restore a victim’s functional abilities and develops a treatment plan.
  • A physical therapist helps victims regain muscle strength, coordination, and flexibility. Physical therapists also help victims learn how to use a prosthesis.
  • A prosthetist, orthotic expert, “creates a customized prosthesis if one will be used.”
  • An occupational therapist helps victims gain their independence and adjust to daily life - with or without a prosthetic.
  • A rehabilitation psychologist helps victims with their emotional difficulties such as grief and loss of confidence when victims lose a limb. They also help victims who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

What issues are involved with using prosthetics after amputation?

Caring rehabilitation teams help determine if a prosthetic can help a victim. Often, whether the amputation is above or below the knee or elbow joint is a key factor. Technicians and scientists are constantly improving prosthetics to make them fit and make them work better. A prosthetic can often mean the difference between being able to work and not being able to work. Prosthetics help victims walk, drive, use a computer, and do many other tasks.

The rehab team will explain the pros and cons of using prosthetics. They’ll explain that prosthetics normally are not used until the amputation site has fully healed. The team will adapt the program of care as accident victims learn to use their prosthetics.

Seasoned York amputation lawyers understand that any damage award must consider prosthetics and other assistive devices – and the ability to buy replacements and improvements.

How much is my York, PA amputation claim worth?

At KBG Injury Law, we work with your doctors to fully understand your medical needs, the limitations of losing a limb, and your pain and suffering.

In personal injury cases, we demand compensation for all your medical expenses (including future medical care), your lost income (including permanent income loss if you can’t work again), your pain and suffering, scarring and disfigurement damages, loss of consortium, and any property damage.

In worker’s compensation cases, amputation victims should demand payment for their medical bills, and temporary and permanent wage loss benefits. Employees who lose a limb may also be entitled to vocational benefits. Injured workers may also be able to pursue personal injury claims against third-parties, parties other than their employers, who caused their harm – in addition to collecting workers’ compensation.

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