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Is Lane Splitting Legal in PA?

Driving a motorcycle through slow traffic can be frustrating. The biker does not want to slow down or come to a complete stop. That can make balancing more difficult. In these cases, the biker may feel tempted to engage in lane splitting.

What is lane splitting? It is what happens when a motorcyclist drives between two cars on the road, essentially following the white dotted lines meant to split the lanes. It is most common in situations where cars and trucks have come to a stop, whether because of a traffic jam or for a red light. That is when motorcyclists may be tempted to zoom between them to avoid the stop.

It is an urge bikers should resist, lest they endanger others. Lane splitting is illegal in PA and can result in serious issues including accidents, injuries and legal problems.

Table of Contents

Consequences of Lane Splitting

Have You Been a Victim in an Accident Caused by Lane Splitting?


Consequences of Lane Splitting

Lane splitting can, at minimum, result in a ticket from a police officer. The greater risk, and the reason why lane splitting is illegal, is that it may result in accidents or injuries:

  • When a motorcycle is closer to other vehicles, that increases the risk of an accident should one of the cars shift or swerve.
  • Drivers may have difficulty seeing a bike splitting the lane.
  • Motorcyclists may get so close to a car that they knock off a side mirror or otherwise cause damage to the vehicle.
  • A car making a left-hand turn may not see the motorcyclist and knock into them when turning.

Have You Been a Victim in an Accident Caused by Lane Splitting?

If you have been injured in a car crash that involved lane splitting, you may qualify to seek damages. We can help you determine whether to proceed with your case and give you advice on your unique situation. Contact KBG Injury Law today to discuss your lane splitting case.