Yes or No: Driving Maneuvers

Here are a few questions about driving maneuvers we’ve all seen or done.

But is it legal:

1. To talk on your cell phone without a hands-free set-up while driving in Pennsylvania?

2. To have an 11-year-old ride in the front seat with you?

3. For your insurance company to pay for your medical injuries even when the other driver was at fault?


1. Yes.
Under current State law, Pennsylvania does not prohibit you to talk on your hand-held cell phone while driving. However, local municipalities may independently pass ordinances which prohibit hand-held cell phone use. Different states have different laws, but most will be incorporating the handsfree law.

2. Yes.
However, for safety, it is recommended that any child under the age of 13 be seated in one of the rear seats and not in the front seat.

3. Yes,
in fact it’s required. See “What’s your Insurance IQ?” article for the answer.