Strained Sports: Injuries in Athletes [Infographic]

What’s more, catastrophic injuries aren’t limited to professional athletes. Adolescents suffer traumatic injuries playing sports such as baseball, soccer, football, basketball, football and lacrosse every year. The bottom line? If you or your child plays a sport, there is a risk that a traumatic injury will result.


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The Statistics

Not every sports injury requires hospitalization, surgery or a cast. Although the concussion has received its fair share of press coverage recently, about half of all sports injuries occur in the legs and feet. The ankles are an injury prone area, with about 15 percent of lower extremity injuries.
The sport with the most injuries is football, with the greatest share of head injuries also. The NFL agreed to pay $765 million to settle a 4,500-player class action lawsuit resulting from head injuries. This fund will be in place to cover medical expenses for the players associated with this type of injury for the next 50 years. Although you may not view baseball as a more dangerous sport than soccer or basketball, it actually ranks second to football in head injury occurrence. Wrestling, ice hockey, soccer and gymnastics also account for a large share of sports injuries.

Surprising Statistics

Did you know:
– Nearly all catastrophic high school injuries occurred on the football field?
– The National Football League agreed to cover players’ medical expenses who suffered head trauma for the next 50 years?
– 34 soccer deaths have resulted from a goal post falling over?
– Basketball players are 4.3 times more likely to sustain an ankle injury if the sneakers contain air cells?

Suing After a Sports Injury

The lawsuits associated with other types of injuries can get a little tricky. For example in Maryland a man lost an eye after a soccer goal crossbar fell on top of him; he received no compensation for the accident. In Pennsylvania, a woman was hit with a hockey puck in a high risk area of the arena. She received compensation because a hockey fan has “a right to rely on the protection afforded”. If you or someone you care about sustained an injury playing a sport and you suspect another party may be at fault, your best move is to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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