Harrisburg Bus Crash Kills Three, Injures Dozens

Harrisburg Bus Crash Kills Three, Injures DozensLate on Sunday, August 6, a collision involving a charter bus carrying numerous passengers and another vehicle led to tragedy in Dauphin County. According to Pennsylvania State Police, three individuals lost their lives in the incident.

The collision occurred shortly before midnight along southbound Interstate 81 at mile marker 74 within Lower Paxton Township. State police have indicated that the crash happened between a passenger vehicle and a charter bus with 45 to 50 passengers.

Reports Penn Live:

In all, Penn State Hershey took in 28 patients, two of whom were admitted following the crash between a tour bus and a passenger vehicle that killed three people in Lower Paxton Township. Another 21 passengers were taken to UPMC Community Osteopathic, including two who remained hospitalized, and 19 who were treated and released as of early Monday afternoon.

State police noted that passengers “sustained varying degrees of injuries from minor to critical” in the rollover accident. The crash closed the highway for several hours to clear the wreckage.

As of this writing, authorities have released the names of two of the victims – “39-year-old Alioune Diop of the Bronx, New York, and 26-year-old Serigne Ndiaye, whose residence is unknown, died of multiple traumatic injuries in the crash shortly before midnight Sunday on Interstate 81.” The third victim’s identity is still unknown to the public.

State police say the bus “was in the right lane on a right-hand curve when it left the road, struck an embankment, turned onto its right side and hit a sport utility vehicle that had stopped in traffic in the right lane.”

The bus was operated by the Super Lucky Tour Company of Boston. The occupants of the SUV were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

Per ABC 6, “Peter Chan, the bus company manager, said in a phone interview Monday that he was ‘very sorry to hear about the accident’ but had no further information because he hadn’t been able to talk to the driver, who was hospitalized after the crash.”

About bus rollover accidents

Among the many factors contributing to bus accidents, one of the most deadly scenarios is a rollover incident. These accidents can happen when a bus exceeds safe speeds, collides with curbs or objects, or encounters mechanical issues such as a tire blowout. It’s worth noting that while buses may outweigh smaller vehicles, this doesn’t necessarily translate to increased safety during a collision. Due to their elevated height, buses have a raised center of gravity, heightening the risk of toppling onto their side or roof.

How are passengers injured in bus accidents?

Because of the lack of seat belts, windows that easily pop out, and the thin roof, passengers can suffer catastrophic injuries in a bus rollover accident – including traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, or traumatic amputation injury. These injuries can happen in a variety of ways.

  • Intrusion: Should a bus tip onto its side or roof, its structural integrity could become compromised, leading to potential harm as parts of the bus framework may impact passengers.
  • Projection: During abrupt tilting and rolling of the bus, passengers might be propelled into one another, elements of the bus, or luggage, particularly in cases without seatbelts.
  • Ejection: Instances where windows shatter or the bus structure tears apart can result in passengers being forcefully thrown out of the bus, subjecting them to injuries from impact with the ground or collisions with other vehicles, sometimes resulting in fatalities.
  • Fires: In the event of a rollover, the bus could catch fire, subjecting trapped passengers to severe burns and respiratory issues.

Because buses carry so many passengers, these accidents typically result – as we saw in the case of the Harrisburg accident – mass injuries and casualties.

Who is liable in the event of a bus accident?

Although this particular accident is still under investigation, a variety of parties could be liable in a typical bus accident. These parties include:

  • Bus driver. If the driver’s negligence or reckless behavior, such as speeding, distracted driving, or driving under the influence, contributed to the accident, they could be held liable.
  • Bus company or operator. The company that operates the bus service might be held responsible if there was inadequate training, improper maintenance, or failure to ensure the safety of the passengers.
  • Other negligent drivers. If another driver’s actions contributed to the accident, they could be held liable for their role.
  • Manufacturers and maintenance providers. If a mechanical failure or defective part caused the accident, the manufacturer of the bus or the provider responsible for maintenance might be liable.
  • Government entities: If the accident was caused by poorly maintained roads, inadequate signage, or other issues related to road infrastructure, a government agency might share liability.
  • Third parties: In some cases, liability might extend to other parties, such as companies responsible for loading luggage onto the bus or providing services at rest stops.
  • Passengers: Even the passengers themselves could contribute to the accident, such as if a passenger’s actions distract the driver.

Determining liability can be complex and may require a thorough investigation into the circumstances leading up to the accident.

How KBG Injury Law can help

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