What Information Should I Exchange with the Other Driver After an Accident?

What Information Should I Exchange with the Other Driver After an Accident? You often hear that you must exchange information after a car accident. However, you should know which information you should provide and to whom. The information you provide to the other driver might differ from what you provide to the police or your Hanover car accident attorney. Exchanging driver information is also a legal requirement after a collision.

When talking to the driver

You will want to exchange basic information when talking to the other driver after a car accident. This information will help you file a compensation claim. First, you will want to provide your name and get the driver’s name. If there were any passengers, you may also want their names for insurance purposes. Remember to obtain the full legal name of the driver. What often happens is drivers only provide their first name, which makes the claim process harder.

Next, you will want to exchange contact information, such as a phone number. Verify whether the driver owns the vehicle. Ask for the vehicle owner’s contact information if they do not. You should also ensure you understand the relationship between the driver and the vehicle owner. This could be crucial evidence during the insurance process. Their relationship is essential because you may find the driver was not legally allowed to operate the vehicle they hit you with.

You will also want the address of the driver and vehicle owner. Again, this is important for insurance purposes. Exchange vehicle registration numbers and driver’s license numbers. Much of this information will be collected within a crash report, but it is ideal to gather it if possible. Lastly, get the driver’s insurance information.

Talking to the police

Some crashes result in severe injuries that can hinder the ability to exchange driver information. In these instances, the police will gather the information using their computer systems and investigative resources. The information could be inaccurate in these instances, but it will be a starting point for your Hanover car accident lawyer. Sometimes, the other driver refuses to provide the information to you. If that is the case, you can wait for the police to arrive, and they can help you get the necessary information.

When the police arrive, they will likely gather the basic information necessary for you to file a claim. However, they are also investigating the accident scene. They will ask for additional information from you and the other driver to create an accurate assessment of the accident. When speaking to police, answer any questions they have. Be honest and stick to the facts. It is common for people to want to provide additional information or details they believe are relevant. Still, you should keep those between you and your car accident attorney in Hanover.

The police will also ask for your driver’s license and insurance information for documentation. You should ask the officers for their names and badge numbers for your reference. This can help your case in two ways down the line. Officers could be called as witnesses, and you can also use their information to find your crash report. Within a day or so, you will want to request a copy of the police report so you can provide it to the insurance company and your Hanover car accident attorney. 

Sometimes, the police do not arrive. In these instances, exchanging driver information can suffice. However, you must go to the police station and file a report yourself. You can also file a crash report to the Department of Motor Vehicles instead. You must have accurate and adequate information for these reports in any situation. The crash report will be the foundation for your insurance claim.

What should you provide to your Hanover car accident lawyer?

After the shock of the car accident, you will want to start taking steps towards obtaining compensation. The first step is to schedule an initial consultation with KBG Injury Law. Our car accident attorneys in Hanover are local to the area. We understand the complexities that come with car accidents and how they happen. 

The most crucial information you should provide your Hanover car accident lawyer is the police report. While it contains contact information for both parties, there is also additional helpful information. It can provide information regarding:

If you have this information, bring it to an initial consultation. You will also want to bring your driver’s license, car insurance card, and health insurance. If you have already obtained medical attention, that will also be pertinent to your attorney. Our team will keep an accurate account of your medical expenses from the day of the accident. You will also want to provide your legal team with information for your primary care physician. 

One of the most critical pieces of information you should have is when the accident happened. You will want to provide your Hanover car accident attorney with the exact date and time of the collision. There is a two-year statute of limitations on how long you must file a claim. The longer you wait, the more complex the process can become. You could also lose your ability to recover compensation.

This is a confusing time, and you have likely left the accident scene. Review our tips above to see if you gathered and exchanged the appropriate information. If you did not take the proper steps, the KBG Injury Law team is here to help. We can review what you provided to the other driver and police. We will also further investigate to gather additional information necessary for your case. We serve all of South Central Pennsylvania. Call our office or submit our contact form to schedule an initial free consultation with a Hanover car accident lawyer today.