How to Handle Your Teen’s First Car Accident

Teen drivers, between the ages 16 and 19, are three times more likely to be involved in a vehicular accident than those who are older than 20. It is your duty as a parent to be confident in handling your teen’s car accident if or when it occurs. 

What to Do If a Teen Car Accident Occurs

The first priority when your teen is involved in an accident is establishing that they are safe and receive medical attention immediately, if necessary. If you are able to drive, it is in your best interest that you immediately locate them and go to their location to provide support.

Once you arrive at the scene or the location of your child, you should have them talk you through the events leading up to the car accident. Whether your teen driver is at fault or is the victim, it is best to contact a lawyer immediately. Pictures and any other documentation of the scene will allow your lawyer to prove your teens driver’s innocence.

Parental Liability

In Pennsylvania, the Parental Liability Act allows a victim to bring a civil suit directly to the parents of the child who was at fault if they are younger than 18. Fortunately for the parents there is a monetary limitation on this liability, meaning that the penalty is limited to $1,000 for one victim and $2,500 if there is more than one victim. Liability issues, claims matter and insurance companies will have to be dealt with soon after the accident occurs.

Teen Driver Liability

Minor teen car accidents that are caused by teen drivers many times result in a 30-day suspension of their license and court fees. Crashes that are more serious and cause injury to others or damage property, may result in the teen driver being classified as a “youthful defender.” Youthful defenders will most times receive a lighter sentencing and prevent a criminal conviction from their record.

If you or your teen became injured in an accident through no fault of your own, contact KBG Injury Law to get the Results You Deserve®.