How Do You Prove Your Injury or Illness Is Work-Related?

How Do You Prove Your Injury or Illness Is Work-Related?When you suffer an injury or illness at work, you may think that it should be easy and straightforward to prove that it is work-related. However, if your condition developed over time or occurred because of too much exposure to certain chemicals or toxins while at work in Gettysburg, your employer may deny your claim. This may leave you confused and wondering how you can show proof that your illness is work-related.

Key evidence pieces that will help you prove your injury is work-related

When you develop an injury on the job or after being exposed to certain working conditions or repetitive activity, it is essential that you gather evidence. This not only will prove that your illness came from your job, but it will also reduce your chances of being questioned by your employer’s workers’ compensation carrier  about your workers’ compensation claim. The following are some of the key pieces of evidence that will help meet your burden of proving that your condition is work-related:

  • Medical records: The most critical part of proving your case is securing a medical opinion from your doctor that your condition is work-related. If you think that your injury or illness from your job is work-related, you must immediately report your injury to your employer and seek medical attention. The doctor will listen to your symptoms, take notes, and order diagnostic tests and provide an opinion on causation.
  • Photographs/video footage: If you suffer an illness from certain toxic chemicals or poor working conditions, you should take photographs/video of your illness-related symptoms, the products that made you sick, and your work environment. This will show proof of your illness as well as the dangerous working conditions and products that you were exposed to.
  • Eyewitness statements: If someone was around you at work, they may be able to testify as an eyewitness. Common eyewitnesses are coworkers, supervisors, managers, or bystanders. They should be able to provide a statement about what happened to you, what caused your illness, and how they saw it.

Expert witness statements are also valuable evidence pieces. In this type of case, your lawyer will likely hire a licensed physician as an expert to explain how your illness may have formed and what typically causes these types of conditions.

Common work-related illnesses

There are a variety of different injuries and illnesses that may need additional evidence to prove that they are work-related, including:

  • Repetitive trauma injuries: If your job requires constant bending, lifting, or reaching you may develop or aggravate symptoms, whether it be in your back, shoulder, knees or elsewhere. If you develop tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, or aggravate an underlying degenerative condition such as arthritis, your condition can be deemed work-related.
  • Respiratory and lung illnesses: When an employee is exposed to toxic chemicals or burning flames for long periods of time, they may develop respiratory and lung illnesses. This can cause them to have breathing difficulties and possibly even develop pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or black lung disease.
  • Cancer: Cancer is a common condition that many workers develop from being around asbestos, benzene, smoke, or other occupational exposures. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the most common types of cancers that employees typically develop How a Gettysburg, PA workers’ compensation attorney can help with your case

An experienced and skilled Gettysburg workers’ compensation attorney from KBG Injury Law can help you prove that your injury or illness is work-related. Our lawyers will assist with your claim. The workers’ compensation process can be very hard to navigate, which is why you want a knowledgeable attorney who will remain by your side and do whatever it takes to protect your rights.

If you are suffering from an injury or illness that has caused you to be out of work, please do not hesitate to reach out to a Gettysburg, PA, workers’ compensation lawyer from KBG Injury Law at your earliest opportunity. You and your family need compensation to get by during this difficult time, and we will do everything in our power to help you secure it.

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