A Deadly 13-Vehicle Crash on Route 30 Also Injured Eight People

A Deadly 13-Vehicle Crash on Route 30 Also Injured Eight PeopleThe York Daily Record reported a terrible crash on Route 30 in West Manchester Township on April 16, killing one person and injuring several others. Per the report:

According to the coroner’s news release, West Manchester Township Police said a box truck heading eastbound struck several vehicles at the intersection of Route 30 and Kenneth Road before it hit the 2008 black Toyota Yaris the man and the driver were in.

The driver of the car suffered critical injuries and was taken to the hospital for treatment, the coroner said.

The man who died suffered multiple injuries, the release states. An autopsy has been scheduled for Wednesday [April 22] at Lehigh Valley Hospital.

Ted Czech, public information officer for the York County Office of Emergency Management/York County 911, reported at least eight people were injured in the multi-vehicle accident. Several were taken to WellSpan York Hospital for treatment.

The crash occurred around 8:25am, and both eastbound and westbound lanes of Route 30 were closed for over nine hours while authorities investigated and cleaned up the crash. It was cleared around 6:21pm.

Although a school vehicle was involved in the crash, police did not report any injuries to the driver or the students in the vehicle.

Route 30 is dangerous

Route 30 is considered one of the most dangerous and busiest roads in Pennsylvania due to its winding nature, steep hills, and frequent traffic congestion. Other reasons Route 30 is regarded as dangerous include:

  • Route 30 is a major roadway that experiences heavy traffic volumes, especially during rush hours. High-traffic density increases the likelihood of accidents, especially when combined with factors like speeding and driver distractions.
  • Some intersections along Route 30 can be complex, with multiple lanes merging, diverging, or intersecting. This complexity can lead to confusion among drivers, increasing the risk of accidents, especially for those unfamiliar with the area.
  • Portions of Route 30 may have outdated or inadequate road design, such as narrow lanes, sharp curves, or inadequate lighting, which can contribute to accidents, particularly during adverse weather conditions. Poor road maintenance, such as potholes, uneven pavement, or lack of adequate signage, can also contribute to accidents and hazards for drivers.
  • Like any major roadway, Route 30 is susceptible to issues related to driver behavior, such as speeding, reckless driving, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and distracted driving. These behaviors increase the likelihood of accidents.
  • In areas where Route 30 intersects with pedestrian zones or residential areas, pedestrian safety is a concern. Lack of proper crosswalks, pedestrian signals, or barriers can put pedestrians at risk.

The combination of these factors can make Route 30 a challenging roadway to navigate safely, contributing to its reputation as a dangerous route.

Ongoing safety upgrades to Route 30

In fact, safety improvements began in April 2024 on a stretch of Route 30/Lincoln Highway East in Paradise, Leacock and East Lampeter townships with a history of crashes. Per Lancaster Online, “The project includes upgrades to seven intersections, a new traffic signal at Singer Avenue and Lincoln Highway East, and new ‘signal ahead’ flashing warning devices at four other intersections aimed at reducing rear-end crashes. The road will also be repaved.”

According to Lancaster Online, about 16,000 vehicles use this road each day. Between 2018 and 2022, PennDOT reported 439 car accidents along this section of road, which is an average of seven per month. Out of these 439, seven of the accidents were fatal and another 22 caused severe injuries. Many residents of the Singer Avenue intersection told Lancaster Online that vehicles have actually hit their homes during crashes.

The project is estimated at $75 million and is scheduled to be completed in January 2025.

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