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We take cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that if there is no monetary recovery, you owe us nothing for our services. In most cases, KBG Injury Law will advance the expenses of the case and will wait to be reimbursed until the conclusion of the case.

There is no charge for your initial consultation with a KBG Injury Law personal injury attorney. This allows you to explore your options and determine whether moving forward with your case is the best decision for you on a risk-free basis. An initial consultation is the all-important first step to getting the results you deserve.

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Your West Shore, PA, Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Companies say workers are their most important assets. However, workers in all industries are at risk of injuries. In some high-risk industries, such as manufacturing and trucking, traffic accidents, machinery accidents, crushing injuries and falls can occur. Even seemingly safe office environments can pose risk of slip and fall injuries, repetitive strain injuries and work-related illnesses, among other hazards.

What Is Workers’ Compensation?

Pennsylvania Business requirements for workers comp
Pennsylvania understands the risks which can occur when a worker is injured. For this reason, the state has workers’ compensation insurance laws. Under Pennsylvania law, virtually all businesses, including non-profits and very small businesses, are required to pay for workers’ compensation insurance for all eligible employees. Almost all employees are covered, except for those who seek exemption and a few covered by unions.
In the event of a workplace injury, workers’ compensation insurance is meant to provide quick compensation for lost wages, death benefits, medical bills and other expenses. This insurance is paid for by the employer to benefit the worker.

What Can a West Shore Workers’ Comp Lawyer Do?

Some employers and insurance companies allege fraud
Worker’s compensation should protect you automatically. In reality, you may need to work with an attorney to get the compensation you should be eligible for. Unfortunately, some workers who are legitimately injured find their claims for insurance denied. Some employers and insurance companies allege fraud or claim that an injury is not as serious as reported. In other cases, employers and insurance companies try to modify benefits or delay benefits, putting additional financial pressure on employees.
Working with a workers’ compensation attorney can help you apply for workers’ compensation correctly the first time. An attorney can ensure you get all the benefits you are entitled to. He or she can ensure that your wages are calculated correctly so you get the full wage loss benefits. If your benefits are delayed or if any attempt is made to modify them, your attorney can respond and protect your interests.

When Should I Contact a West Shore Workers’ Comp Attorney?

It is important to contact a West Shore workers’ comp lawyer as soon as possible after your injury. You can even call KBG Injury Law at 800-509-1011 from your hospital room. In Pennsylvania, you have 120 days to report your injury claim to your employer or supervisor, according to the reporting policies created in your workplace. However, your claim will be stronger if you report earlier.
Once you have reported your injury to your supervisor, there will be paperwork to fill out and other deadlines to meet. For example, you may be required to visit an employer-approved physician for the first 90 days of treatment. However, determining if your employer has a correct list of healthcare providers and establishing what to do if you disagree with a diagnosis can be challenging.
You can call KBG Injury Law at 800-509-1011 today or book your consultation online. With more than 30 years of experience in Central PA, our team is poised to serve injured workers across Pennsylvania communities.

During this challenging time, our attorneys are advocating more than ever. While our physical offices are closed, we are all working remotely to ensure you still get the Results You Deserve. To all of our current clients, you can connect with us the same way you always do via email, phone, fax or text. To all of our prospective clients, the best way to get in touch with us is by using our contact form or by calling (800) 509-1011