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Your West Shore, PA, Trucking Accident Attorney

A loaded commercial truck can weigh enough to crush or seriously damage a passenger vehicle and the occupants inside. If you have been in a collision involving a truck, you may face severe and life-threatening injuries, such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, whiplash and other serious injuries.

What Is a Truck Accident?

A tractor trailer or other commercial truck has a high center of gravity, which can make the vehicle especially vulnerable to rollover accidents. The significant weight can also put added pressure on tires, which can make tire blowouts and subsequent loss of control common.

Trucks have significant blind spots - call KBJ for Truck Accident injuries
In addition, trucks have significant blind spots and use air brakes. This can make it harder for trucks to see smaller vehicles and pedestrians near them and requires truck drivers to brake well in advance, since the vehicles take longer to come to a full stop.
All these factors contribute significantly to crashes, even with the extra regulations drivers of these commercial vehicles face. Companies may also push drivers to meet strict delivery deadlines, which can allow for fatigued and distracted driving, further increasing the risk of a collision.

What Can a West Shore Trucking Accident Lawyer Do?

Truck accidents are especially likely to lead to serious and fatal injuries, simply because of the size of vehicle involved. Due to the force of a truck, truck collisions are more likely to involve multiple vehicles and multiple complex injuries. These injuries can impact your ability to earn income for months or years to come, and your medical bills can be substantial, especially if you require surgery or a prolonged hospital stay.
Trucks can completely crush a passenger car. If a truck is carrying a flammable material, the substance can catch fire and result in even more significant losses, resulting in not only devastating injuries but also extensive property damage.
While you are legally obligated to have car insurance if you are driving in Pennsylvania, and while all commercial trucks are required to carry large policies, there is no guarantee you will get all the compensation you need to pay for medical bills, incidental costs, lost wages and other expenses.
After a truck accident, a personal injury attorney can help you receive all compensation you are eligible for
After a truck accident, a personal injury attorney may be able to represent you and pursue all compensation you may be eligible for. An attorney can review any paperwork you have been asked to sign and can speak to insurers and their attorneys on your behalf.

When Should I Contact a West Shore Trucking Accident Attorney?

If you have been injured in a collision with a truck, you can be certain the truck driver and trucking company have contacted their legal teams and insurance company. You will want to retain legal services as soon as possible to level the playing field. At the very least, you will want to speak to a trucking accident attorney in Harrisburg or your community before you sign anything.

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