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We take cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that if there is no monetary recovery, you owe us nothing for our services. In most cases, KBG Injury Law will advance the expenses of the case and will wait to be reimbursed until the conclusion of the case.

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Your West Shore, PA, Social Security Disability Lawyer

On every paycheck, you will see withdrawals made for taxes and also for Social Security. If you ever cannot work, social security benefits can help you pay for your basic needs. However, you may need to work with a social security disability lawyer in West Shore, PA, to get the benefits you deserve.

What Is Social Security Disability?

If you become seriously injured and cannot work for at least 12 months or are expected to die because of your medical condition, you may qualify for Social Security disability benefits, which can help you pay for basic needs. People with cancer, back problems, mental health conditions, heart diseases, brain injuries and other conditions may also be eligible.
Requirements to qualify for social security benefits
To qualify for benefits, you must have one of the medical conditions the Social Security Administration lists in its impairment listing manual, or “blue book.” Depending on the condition, a patient may qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or┬áSocial Security disability benefits (SSDI) automatically. For other conditions, medical proof may need to be submitted to show a patient meets the requirements.
How much you get in benefits will depend on your average lifetime earnings before you were disabled. Your benefits may be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars a month. If you are getting benefits from other sources, your benefits from SSDI will be reduced.

What Can a Social Security Disability Lawyer in West Shore Do?

many workers discover their social security benefits are denied and end up getting less than they expected
If you are permanently disabled by an injury or illness, you should be able to get Social Security benefits automatically, simply by applying yourself. Unfortunately, many workers discover their Social Security benefits are denied or delayed. Some patients end up getting less than they expect or need for basic bills.
A social security disability attorney in West Shore understands exactly what Social Security administrators in Pennsylvania require from an application. Your attorney can ensure that there is enough evidence in place to prove your injury or illness meets current blue book criteria. An attorney will work to ensure all paperwork is correctly filed, and if your claim is denied, your attorney can appeal to get you your rightful benefits.

When Should I Contact a Social Security Disability Attorney in West Shore?

Many applicants wait until they have been denied benefits before contacting a lawyer. However, it can be helpful to work with an attorney as soon as you realize you want to apply for benefits. If your application is persuasive the first time you apply, you may face fewer delays getting your benefits. Even if your benefits have already been denied, it is not too late to get legal representation.

Call KBG Injury Law at 800-509-1011 today for quick assistance or book your consultation online. With multiple offices and more than 30 years of experience in Central PA, our benefits team is poised to serve injured patients across Pennsylvania.

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