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We take cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that if there is no monetary recovery, you owe us nothing for our services. In most cases, KBG Injury Law will advance the expenses of the case and will wait to be reimbursed until the conclusion of the case.

There is no charge for your initial consultation with a KBG Injury Law personal injury attorney. This allows you to explore your options and determine whether moving forward with your case is the best decision for you on a risk-free basis. An initial consultation is the all-important first step to getting the results you deserve.

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The Benefits of Retaining a Local Lawyer

When you or a loved one undergoes a personal injury, let KBG Injury Law protect your legal rights while staying local.

When you are hurt, there’s no need to travel for hours to consult with an attorney.

When you are hurt, there's no need to travel for hours to consult with an attorney.

Here are a few benefits of hiring a local lawyer:

  • Less Travel: If you are injured, especially, being able to visit a local lawyer without making a long drive is very important. It also allows you to stay connected to your own case and increases your ability to see your attorney on short notice.
  • Easier Communication: A local attorney also makes communication about your case easier. If you need to drop off documents, it is easy to do so. If you ever want to reach out via phone, you will be using a local number to call someone in the same time zone.
  • Increased Knowledge of Regional Legal Climate: Lawyers in your area have negotiated with the local representatives, have worked with investigators and judges in your county and have generally formed relationships they can use now as they work on your case. They understand state laws because they have worked with those laws all along. Plus, as legislation changes, they are immediately aware of it because are part of the local legal community.
  • Familiarity With Experts: Often, attorneys need to work with experts on your case. For example, if you are seeking Social Security benefits, you may need to get medical testing done to prove a disability. An attorney who works in your city knows which of the hospitals and medical professionals in the county are the best for your case and can send you to them — so you also may not have to travel as far for your medical tests. Since your attorney has worked with these medical experts before, they can better prepare you for what to expect. Plus, they can often count on this local network to quickly lend the proficiency your case demands.
  • Understanding of Local Costs: If you have been injured in a car accident, your attorney will need to understand exactly how much your medical, car repair and other bills are likely to be in order to negotiate with insurance companies. An attorney who works in or near your town likely will have a better idea of how much the local mechanic or hospital charges, resulting in a more accurate representation of your expenses.
  • Affiliation With Nearby Services and Resources: Attorneys often do more than just offer legal representation or legal advice. If you have been injured in any way, you may need to find local counselors or support groups to deal with the trauma of your injury. Or, if you are worried about losing work and the fiscal impact of your injury, you may need financial help. Attorneys who live and work in your area know about local resources that can help you beyond legal matters.

We have been a part of the local community for years, and we value the reputation we have established. You can count on our availability and accessibility to our local clients. The Central PA personal injury lawyers at KBG Injury Law are ready to help you receive the financial compensation you deserve after you have been injured. Our specialties include workers’ compensation, auto accidents, wrongful death, Social Security, and more.

Working With KBG Injury Law

With more than 30 years of experience with personal injury law, our accomplished attorneys take the time to form a personal relationship with our clients, which is one of the main benefits of retaining a local law firm for your personal injury case. No matter if you are from Adams County, Cumberland County, Dauphin County, Franklin County, Lancaster County, or York County, our Central PA local personal injury lawyers are ready to protect your personal injury interests and give you the results you deserve.

Being injured in a car, truck, motorcycle accident or while on the job will lead you to have to deal with insurance companies. Our experienced attorneys know how to get you the results you deserve while allowing you to stay close to the comfort of your own home in Central Pennsylvania. Many of our lawyers have previously represented insurance companies, so they know how to fight for your rights. The laws of vehicle accidents, on the job injuries, wrongful death, and other personal injury cases are very complex. However our local personal injury lawyers are ready to meet with you free of charge to evaluate your case.

Our local personal injury lawyers are ready to meet with you free of charge to evaluate your case.

Count on KBG for an Attorney in Southcentral Pennsylvania

If you have been injured and would like to schedule a free consultation with a local attorney, contact KBG Injury Law. Our attorneys live and work in southcentral Pennsylvania and are very committed to the communities in this region. Our compassionate, honest and caring attorneys can help you understand whether you have a case and may be able to represent you.

There is no need to travel to a large city like Philadelphia, and incur the costs to do so, when you have an experienced local lawyer who knows the system. Our local attorneys at KBG value their reputations in the Central PA community and will make sure that they get every opportunity to help you get positive results.

During this challenging time, our attorneys are advocating more than ever. While our physical offices are closed, we are all working remotely to ensure you still get the Results You Deserve. To all of our current clients, you can connect with us the same way you always do via email, phone, fax or text. To all of our prospective clients, the best way to get in touch with us is by using our contact form or by calling (800) 509-1011