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We take cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that if there is no monetary recovery, you owe us nothing for our services. In most cases, KBG Injury Law will advance the expenses of the case and will wait to be reimbursed until the conclusion of the case.

There is no charge for your initial consultation with a KBG Injury Law personal injury attorney. This allows you to explore your options and determine whether moving forward with your case is the best decision for you on a risk-free basis. An initial consultation is the all-important first step to getting the results you deserve.

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Why Should I Hire KBG Injury Law?

The attorneys and legal staff at KBG Injury Law are a team with one goal in mind: to provide you with top-notch legal representation and protect your interests while winning you the compensation you deserve.

Our attorneys are specialists who center their practices solely on representing the injured. If you are seeking experienced attorneys at the top of their field with a track record the insurance companies respect, KBG Injury Law is the firm for you.

We believe that forging personal relationships with our clients is the key to our - and your - success.

We will strive to earn your trust by taking the time to listen to your concerns and to answer your questions before we make any decisions regarding your case. We believe that forging personal relationships with our clients is the key to our – and your – success. We are not just another law firm – we are legal experts who can help you get the results you deserve.

What Makes KBG Injury Law Different

Our legal team and attorneys have been representing injured parties in central Pennsylvania for more than three decades. We have been part of key landmark and headlining cases that have shaped the legal climate in our community, so we understand what it takes to succeed.

In addition, many of our personal injury attorneys worked in the insurance industry, representing companies, before dedicating their time and professional lives to helping injured parties. This range of experience means our attorneys understand the strategies insurance carriers often use to defend their cases and can use this knowledge when handling your case.

Above all, the KBG difference is in the way we treat everyone who comes through our doors. Our attorneys understand being injured is a deeply traumatic time. Your very livelihood may be at stake, and you may be suffering from pain and uncertainty about the future.

This is why we make every effort to support you and treat you with the kindness, respect and consideration you deserve. Our attorneys approach your situation with the utmost sensitivity and attention to work not only toward the results you deserve, but toward treatment you can feel good about.

To better serve our clients, KBG Injury Law has created a firm-wide philosophy centered around commitment, integrity and results. We understand pursuing a legal claim can be a difficult decision and is often borne of challenging situations or injuries. Our adherence to commitment means we are dedicated to your case and to seeing your needs through.

Our commitment to integrity means we pursue all our cases with the highest standards and a full obligation to ethical action.

Our commitment to integrity means we pursue all our cases with the highest standards and a full obligation to ethical action. Finally, our focus on results means our actions are always geared toward bringing you the results you deserve.

When to Contact KBG Injury Law

KBG Injury Law can handle a variety of personal injury cases. Contact us if you believe you need assistance with cases related to:

No matter why you have suffered injuries or losses, contact KBG Injury Law to find out whether you have a claim and to get assistance with the legal matters related to your case. With KBG Injury Law, your initial consultation costs you nothing, so it is best to reach out to us early.

Ideally, you should contact us soon after you have been injured. Before you sign any paperwork, our attorneys can step in and work to maximize your recovery and protect your ability to seek justice in your case. Even if you are not sure you have a claim or need an attorney, a consultation with us allows you to ask any questions you may have and review your options. No case is too big or small for us, so if you have been injured and need legal advice, contact KBG Injury Law for a consultation.

Contact Us Today

If you have any questions about our firm or have suffered an injury, please contact KBG Injury Law today to schedule a free legal consultation.

During this challenging time, our attorneys are advocating more than ever. While our physical offices are closed, we are all working remotely to ensure you still get the Results You Deserve. To all of our current clients, you can connect with us the same way you always do via email, phone, fax or text. To all of our prospective clients, the best way to get in touch with us is by using our contact form or by calling (800) 509-1011