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How Does the VA Determine Rate and Pay for Veterans Disabilities?

You might be wondering how the Veterans Administration (VA) determines the veteran disabilities rate for those applying for benefits. This rating is basically a reflection of how severe your disability is and how much it impacts your ability to perform work. Here is a brief rundown on how your rate is decided.

Table of Contents

The Schedule of Rating Disabilities

When to Speak With an Attorney


The Schedule of Rating Disabilities

The VA uses its Schedule of Rating Disabilities that assigns a percentage value to how minor or severe a disability may be. The ratings range from 0-100 percent. This will determine your veteran disabilities pay.

The schedule categorizes disabilities according to the part of the body that has been affected, with each category consisting of different groups of medical problems. Within each group is a list of diagnoses, and a code is assigned to each one.

For instance, there is a category devoted to digestive system issues that include ulcers, weight loss and other abdominal conditions. Under the “ulcers” category, there are four ratings: severe, moderately severe, moderate and mild. A severe ulcer is given a rating of 60 percent, while the other categories are rated at 40, 20 and 10 percent, respectively.

For each severity level, the VA also lists particular symptoms you must be experiencing to qualify at the particular percentage rate. In order for you to receive a 60 rating for an ulcer, for example, you have to suffer from periodic vomiting and have only received partial relief from any ulcer therapy you have received.

When to Speak With an Attorney

The VA is required to perform a thorough review of your medical file when determining your veteran disabilities rate. However, the agency occasionally makes mistakes when applying its complex rating criteria. You might, for example, feel that your disability is more severe than the VA says, even though it has been properly rated according to its schedule.

If this is the case, then you may need to seek an attorney’s help in order to receive the proper veteran disabilities pay. Please get in touch KBG Injury Law to learn more by calling 717-848-3838 or contacting us online.