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Are Helmets Required When Riding a Motorcycle in PA?

Do you love riding your motorcycle on the highway? Do you crave the feel of the wind hitting your face and enjoy experiencing the panoramic views along the road as you fly? Up until 2003, you may have missed out on some of that experience because you had to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle in Pennsylvania.

But in 2003, PA’s mandatory motorcycle helmet law was repealed. The state no longer requires all cyclists to wear helmets.

Do you qualify to remove your helmet? Here is a look at what the law says and how it may apply to you.

Explaining the PA Motorcycle Helmet Law

Mandatory helmets are no longer state law, but there are a few caveats that come with the regulations. To remove your helmet, you must:

  • Be 21 years or older AND
  • Have been licensed to drive a motorcycle for at least two years OR
  • Completed a motorcycle rider safety class approved by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation or Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

What about passengers? They can also go without a helmet as long as the person driving the vehicle has met the requirements for helmetless driving. Alternatively, any person riding in the three-wheel cab of a motorcycle can get away with not wearing a helmet if that cab is enclosed.

Still, there are cases where motorcycle operators must wear helmets — and that is when the person is under the age of 21. Helmets must meet PennDOT requirements, including labeling with the month and year the helmet was manufactured. Protective eyewear is also mandatory for those under 21.

Uncertain About Pennsylvania Motorcycle Helmet Laws?

With so many guidelines, the PA helmet law can be difficult to grasp. The lawyers at KBG Injury Law can help make sure you are following the law and in compliance with all motorcycle rules. Contact us today to discuss your concerns.