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Lemoyne, PA, Head Injuries Attorney

Accidents happen every day. You could be at Negley Park or driving down Market Street in Lemoyne when something happens to cause head trauma.

Head injuries can be debilitating and frustrating. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) can forever change your life, impairing your cognition, impacting your personality and throwing off your sleep patterns. Often adults who suffer head injuries cannot return to the work they did pre-injury, which can impact their ability to provide for themselves and their families.

If you have suffered a head injury, you may be able to take legal action that will secure compensation for all the issues you have suffered since the TBI. You can hold the person or business who caused the head injury responsible. While that will not heal your injury, it can offer some relief during a difficult time for you and your family.

Consulting with a head injury lawyer in Lemoyne as soon as possible after the injury helps you get the results you deserve in your case.

Consulting with a head injury lawyer in Lemoyne as soon as possible after the injury helps you get the results you deserve in your case. Navigating the law related to TBIs can prove complicated, and an experienced attorney can advise you on the best strategies and most effective tactics to employ.

Causes and Effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries

A TBI can be either open, when the skull has been penetrated or fractured, or closed, when the brain knocks against the inside of the skull. Both can result in serious consequences. An anoxic injury is a third type, which occurs when the brain is deprived of oxygen. Head injuries can stem from all types of circumstances, such as:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Car crashes
  • Violent confrontations or abuse
  • Medical malpractice

Negligence does not cause every TBI. A concussion suffered from heading a ball during a soccer game is not the result of anyone’s carelessness, for example. But many TBIs are caused by someone else’s carelessness or even deliberate actions. When this happens, you are entitled to compensation.

The impacts of TBI can go far beyond your own life.

Your life may never be the same after a head injury. You could experience memory loss, difficulty speaking or problems with time management. The impacts of a TBI can go far beyond your own life. You may also have to depend more on others than you did before your injury, or you may be irritable and get angry with people who suggest you need to slow down or adjust to your head injury.

Schedule an Appointment With a TBI Lawyer in Lemoyne

After a head injury, you may worry about your long-term recovery and how you can support your family if you are unable to work. You may also feel angry or frustrated by the incident that led to your injury, and this may all happen as you continue to feel the effects of the TBI.

A head injury attorney in Lemoyne can help recover the damages you deserve. The knowledge and experience of our TBI attorneys can help you get the best outcome in your case. At KBG Injury Law, we rely on proven strategies we have learned in our more than 30 years in practice. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

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