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We take cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that if there is no monetary recovery, you owe us nothing for our services. In most cases, KBG Injury Law will advance the expenses of the case and will wait to be reimbursed until the conclusion of the case.

There is no charge for your initial consultation with a KBG Injury Law personal injury attorney. This allows you to explore your options and determine whether moving forward with your case is the best decision for you on a risk-free basis. An initial consultation is the all-important first step to getting the results you deserve.

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Social Security

If you are unable to work due to a disability, the financial effects on you and your family can be devastating, especially if you don’t have access to any other source of income. Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) disability programs provide assistance to people with disabilities. Both are administered by the Social Security Administration Individuals who have a disability and meet medical criteria may qualify for benefits under either program. In general, individuals must be afflicted with a long term physical or mental condition that will prevent them from working for a period of at least 12 months to be entitled to benefits.

Social Security disability benefits are benefits you pay for with every job you have. Virtually every paycheck you get has money withdrawn for this program, so if you have ever held a job, you have been paying for this insurance. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is not based on work history and is a program intended to protect those who are disabled.

Understanding which program to apply for and knowing how to apply or appeal successfully can ensure you have the financial resources to pay your bills and support any dependents you may have. You may be entitled to these benefits, and being able to secure them can make a significant difference in your ability to pay for necessities.

Our legal team is well versed in social security disability law and works with those who are injured or disabled to ensure they have the financial supports they need. If you are looking for a social security disability lawyer, Nancy Mizerak, M.D., J.D., has experience as a family physician and more than five years of legal experience.

This dual approach means she understands disability and medical evidence from both a legal and medical perspective. With more than 15 years of medical practice experience, she dedicated herself to the law after seeing medical malpractice cases from the perspective of a medical expert. Nancy can support your appeal to the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review and work with you to develop the strongest case possible.

Obtaining Benefits on Your Own Can Be Difficult

The process of obtaining social security disability benefits starts with an application for benefits through the Social Security Administration. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for eligible applications to be denied benefits. In fact, about 60 percent of initial applications for SSI benefits end up being denied. An experienced SSI disability lawyer may be essential in your efforts to gain approval. If you’ve been denied social security disability benefits by the Social Security Administration, our experienced Social Security disability attorneys may be able to help you obtain the benefits to which you are entitled.

Navigating the Complicated Appeals Process is Vital

ssUpon receiving a notice of denial of benefits, you need to act quickly, as all appeals must be filed within 60 days of denial. A SSI disability denial lawyer can gather all the information needed to file your appeal and handle the filing process for you. Depending on your particular situation, this may involve collecting medical data and evidence and contacting your physician, preparing legal briefs and other documentation, verifying the proper date for the onset of benefits, and obtaining and reviewing your initial application for benefits. The SSI benefits lawyer will also represent you at the appeal hearing and help you prepare for any testimony you may need to deliver. This is an important consideration, as about 60 percent of appeals are won at the hearing level.

The Risks of Going It Alone

Some disability applicants attempt to deal with the appeal process on their own, although this may involve an element of risk. Statistics indicate that applicants represented by a Social Security disability attorney when appealing have a greater success rate than those who represent themselves. In many cases, the applicant may not possess the first-hand knowledge of the system or process and may overlook key details necessary for a successful appeal.

Understanding the Social Security Administration

Being injured or disabled is not enough. When dealing with the Social Security Administration (SSA), you are communicating with a large bureaucratic agency. You will be treated as a case and a number, which can be upsetting. In addition, the legal and technical terms used on forms and in communications can be intimidating.

If you are not getting the benefits you deserve, contact KBG Injury Law. Our team speaks the same language as the SSA and can present them with the evidence and paperwork they need. At the same time, we humanize the process for you. We never treat you like a number, and we always explain your case to you in plain language, so you are the best position to make informed decisions about your case.

Dedication, Integrity and Commitment

Nancy is accompanied by the entire legal staff at KBG Injury Law as a tireless supporter of those who have been injured or disabled. From the moment you reach out to our law firm, you will notice we treat you with the utmost respect and care. Many of our clients appreciate knowing we are sensitive to their needs, and that we take the time to treat them with kindness and professionalism throughout these challenging situations.

You can always reach us for a free consultation if your application has been denied, if you are getting fewer benefits than you expected or if you need additional support for any reason — we are here to help. If you think you are eligible for social security benefits, contact KBG Injury Law for a free consultation.

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